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Dark green background with bright green colored text of ones and zeros with text that reads, Little Bits issue number seven.

See the tremendous amount of little bits I've collected over the last month covering topics of gaming, open source, OSINT, privacy, security and more.

A full cup of coffee sits on the surface with beans spread around it next to a bag of coffee beans that says, Switch to New Brew. Text above the cup says, Run Multiple Java Versions.

Follow these easy steps for various operating systems on how to set the default Java environment to use when multiple Java versions are installed.

A cutout GNU mascot illustration sits in the background of the number 40 with the letters GNU just below the overhang of the 4 while colorful confetti falls down beside. The text of Happy Anniversary! and Celebrating 40 Years appear above and below the GNU 40 badge.

In celebration of 40 years of the GNU Project, I provide a post describing what the GNU project is, what is GNU, list events, and my final thoughts.

A white colored GNOME word mark sits in the center against a dark purple background with the remaining background above and below in a light purple with text that reads, What's New GNOME 45.

Read all about each significant changes and additions to GNOME version 45, the free and open source Linux desktop environment.

A blue sky with white fluffy clouds and text in the middle that reads, What is Bluesky Social?

Explore a new social network Bluesky by finding out what it is all about, where it came from, who owns it, how to join and more.

The purplish night sky of stars scattered about as it all illuminates over the calm waters below with a Mastodon logo center over top with text that says, What's New In v4.2.0.

Discover what is new and exciting in the latest software release of the microblogging social network Mastodon version 4.2.0.