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Ivory for Mastodon app icon of elephant in a cartoon style.

Review of the Ivory Mastodon client by Tapbots for iOS (iPhone/iPad) from the makers of the now defunct Tweetbot app.

A multi colored stained-glass in the shape of a spiral that focuses towards the center that is highlighted with lighting.

Uncover my thoughts of participating in 100 Days To Offload challenge by Kev Quirk and the results I had for round two.

Eight grey social media icons, along with email in white and copy link icons. Text above the icons says, share buttons.

Learn to create your own share buttons for social media, email, and more using HTML, CSS, and a little JavaScript for a website with privacy in mind.

Multiple large stacks of letters leaning to the right side that representing comments.

Come on the journey with me as I experiment with new ideas of how to add Jekyll Blog post comments.

Bedroom scene with light seeping through the blinds as a woman sings into a spray bottle with passion.

Find the energy of inspiration, positivity or relaxation in this round of curated high resolution wallpapers.

Multi colored file archive binders on a metal shelf.

A detailed guide on how to change which application is used as the Linux desktop default file manager for directories or folders.