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Little Bits: Issue #7
See the tremendous amount of little bits I've collected over the last month covering topics of gaming, open source, OSINT, privacy, security and more.
How to Switch Between Multiple Versions of Java
Follow these easy steps for various operating systems on how to set the default Java environment to use when multiple Java versions are installed.
The GNU Project Celebrates 40 Years!
In celebration of 40 years of the GNU Project, I provide a post describing what the GNU project is, what is GNU, list events, and my final thoughts.
What's New for GNOME 45
Read all about each significant changes and additions to GNOME version 45, the free and open source Linux desktop environment.
What is the Social Media Platform Bluesky?
Explore a new social network Bluesky by finding out what it is all about, where it came from, who owns it, how to join and more.
What's New in Mastodon version 4.2
Discover what is new and exciting in the latest software release of the microblogging social network Mastodon version 4.2.0.
How to Fix Undefined nav_item in Material for MkDocs
Learn how to fix MkDocs not able to serve or build a website after receiving the exception error of "jinja2.exceptions.UndefinedError: 'nav_item' is undefined".
Little Bits: Issue #6
Inspect the wonderful and interesting discoveries I've made last month covering topics of gaming, open source, OSINT, privacy, security and more.
Surprising Birthday Celebration Leads To an Upgrade
Follow along on this surprising change of events of a quiet evening at home to a small celebration and shocking gifts that leads to an upgrade.
It's Overdue, Time To Say Goodbye to Twitter!
Gain insight into my thoughts on social media usage, reasons to leave Twitter and what to consider before leaving Twitter.
Top Recommended Settings for Roundcube Webmail
Improve your Roundcube Webmail email client experience by following these step-by-step top recommend settings all users should consider doing.
How to Check If Wayland or Xorg Is Being Used
Find out if Wayland or Xorg is being used as the Linux display server using a graphical interface or terminal.
Little Bits: Issue #5
Join me in this issue of Little Bits sharing my online discoveries covering topics of books, gaming, hardware, knowledge, music, news and open source.
How To Count JSON Array Elements with JQ
Learn by example on how to count JSON array elements with the use of the powerful open source lightweight command-line program, jq.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Goes Closed Source?
Get the answers to what has happened to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) soure code, is this even legal, how does this affect you and more.
Resolve Pip Error Externally Managed Environment
Discover solutions to resolve the issue of installing or uninstalling a Python package when recieving the message, error externally-managed-environment.
How To Find The Windows Install Date
How to locate the initial Windows operating system installation or creation date and time for those wishing to appease ones curiosity.
Slice of Life Wallpaper: Part Five
Seek and enjoy the simplest moments of life with a dose of these curated high resolution 2K/4K slice of life wallpapers.
Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Reddit?
Has Reddit finally gone too far? First it was privacy, advertisements, and now third party apps. Is it time to say goodbye to Reddit?
How To Enable Natural Mouse or Touchpad Scroll
Step by step instructions of how to reverse or flip the mouse or touchpad scroll direction on Linux and Microsoft Windows 10/11 to a natural scroll.
Is Telly Truly a Free 4K Dual-Screen TV?
Discover the new free 4K dual-screen television coming to the market summer 2023 and what it actually costs you as a consumer.
Little Bits: Issue #4
Grab yourself a drink, relax and enjoy as I uncover fresh Little Bits in issue number four covering topics on blogging, OpenAI, programming, and more.
Fix Element Desktop Error Connection reset by peer
Investigating and applying a workaround for a bug where Element desktop crashes shortly after being launched with, Recvmsg error: Connection reset by peer.
Count The Number of Characters per Filename
Find each filename's total length of characters within a directory in the terminal using Bash, BusyBox, Fish or PowerShell with these one line commands.
Little Bits: Issue #3
Get your fresh Little Bits in issue number three covering topics on applications, gaming, history, hardware, software development and web design.
Improve Your Development Productivity with Snippets
Learn how to improve your development productivity with code snippets using the source-code editor VSCodium or VSCode.
Twitter Drops Text Message Two-Factor Authentication
Get the latest news and understanding about Twitter dropping free support for text message two-factor authentication.
Resolved RealSimGear Linux Driver Fails To Compile
A simple routine Linux system update goes bad, but then ends up finding a solution with help from RealSimGear tech support.
Ivory for Mastodon Review
Review of the Ivory Mastodon client by Tapbots for iOS (iPhone/iPad) from the makers of the now defunct Tweetbot app.
The End of Round 2 of 100 Days To Offload Challenge
Uncover my thoughts of participating in 100 Days To Offload challenge by Kev Quirk and the results I had for round two.
How to Create Social Media Share Buttons with Privacy
Learn to create your own share buttons for social media, email, and more using HTML, CSS, and a little JavaScript for a website with privacy in mind.
Slice of Life Wallpaper: Part Four
Find the energy of inspiration, positivity or relaxation in this round of curated high resolution wallpapers.
Experimenting with Jekyll Blog Comments
Come with me on a journey of discovery and inquisition on finding a solution of how to add comments to blog posts when using Jekyll.
How to Change the Default Linux File Manager
A detailed guide on how to change which application is used as the Linux desktop default file manager for directories or folders.
How to Manage Pi-hole Adlists from The Command Line
Learn to manage the Pi-hole's adlists from the command line using SQL to add, modify, and delete SQLite database records.
Get Your Public IP Address with
Explore the potential of getting your public IP address using a service that is simple, fast, reliable, and without advertisements, and distractions.
Use Your Own Domain for Mastodon Discoverability
Using the power of WebFinger on your own domain to make your Mastodon profile discoverable, and to verify association.
Improve Your DuckDuckGo Search Experience with Bangs
Learn the power of searching on DuckDuckGo by using !Bangs. Begin by uncovering what is a DuckDuckGo Bang, and how to use them.
2022 Fitness Year End Review
Reviewing, and reflecting upon my fitness activity achievements for 2022 in the areas of cycling, walking, and gym exercises.
Cleaning Up Post Tags and Categories: Part Two
Website cleanup continues of topics (categories), and tags with detailed explanation on how I tried to automate the clean-up process.
Resolve RustDesk With No ID or Network Connection
Follow my thought process of how I resolved RustDesk not being able to generate an ID or make a connection to the free relay server.
How To Use DuckDuckGo From the Command Line
Gain insight into using DuckDuckGo from the command line from installation, configuration, browser integration, and search usage examples.
Little Bits: Issue #2
Break in the new year with a bang browsing these fresh new shiny bits (links) that should easily feed the void of curiosity.
List Packages That Depend On Another Package with Pacman
Make life easier to maintain a clean Arch Linux system by listing reverse package dependencies using pacman, pactree, and fzf.
Add kramdown Attributes with Jekyll or Bridgetown
Learn to easily apply HTML attributes by writing Markdown when using kramdown, and Jekyll or Bridgetown static site generators.
Happy New Year 2023
A happy new year message, and thoughts that can empower each of us for a brighter future of tomorrow by starting today.


Must Have Essential Applications For Desktop Linux
Explore the vast curated list of free open source software applications by category of use for the graphical user interface of a Linux desktop.
Experimenting with Jekyll Relatable Posts
Dive into my attempt at creating the related posts feature to each post page using Jekyll, Liquid template language and HTML.
List of Helpful Mastodon Resources
Handmade list of resources for the federated social network Mastodon covering, how to use, find an instance, find people, tools and more.
The Joy of Gaming
A shocking gift for Christmas takes me back as a child causing me to rediscover the joy of gaming again.
Taking Time To Slow Down
At times I feel our bodies seem to know us better than ourselves. A discussion of self-care by choosing to slow down to refuel.
'Tis The Season For Stress and Anxiety?
Should major events we all celebrate such as Christmas be a time of stress, and anxiety when they all could be a positive joyful experience?
Merry Christmas from Adamsdesk
A thoughtful message to remember the reasons why we enjoy these times with seasons greetings, and best wishes for 2022 celebrations from Adamsdesk.
Add Copyright Year Automatically to any Website
How to add the copyright year to a website and have it updated automatically using Liquid template language, PHP or JavaScript.
Little Bits: Issue #1
Come with me on a journey to discover the unique, creative, and joyful side of the Internet with these bits (links).
Markdown Viewers for the Linux Command Line
Investigate, play, and explore the benefits of using one of these Linux command line interface application Markdown viewers.
Are Quality Products a Thing of the Past?
A consumer's perspective on quality products and how market saturation, capitalism, communication and education has contributed to the problem.
Slice of Life Wallpaper: Part Three
Will you join in this series of curated high resolution wallpapers to find a sense of connection that will allow for contemplation?
Cleaning Up Blog Tags and Categories
How I tackled cleaning up over use of blog categories (topics) and tags resulting in quite a reduction of unnecessary pages.
A Cyberspace Inquisition #6: The End
Find the answers to what happened to the series, A Cyberspace Inquisition, and what new chapters will open in the future.
Codeberg Forks Gitea to Forgejo
A summary and opinions of the events that lead to the break-down of the Gitea community trust and respect that ended with Codeberg forking Gitea.
Pulsar Project: A New Text Editor
A project overview and my thoughts about the new community-led hyper-hackable text editor Pulsar, that is based upon the Atom text editor.
Add Mastodon Link Verification for Gitea
Uncover the wonders of Mastodon link verification by using these steps to have a Mastodon verified link for your Gitea profile web page.
Building a Point of Sale System
Come follow me on this journey of building a free open source point of sale system to help a non-profit food co-op.
5 Easy Steps To Crop An Image in Inkscape
Step-by-step instructions on how to use Inkscape to crop an image whether you are; beginner or advanced user.
Why Does Sudo Echo Fail with Permission Denied?
Solve the puzzling question, why does sudo echo fail when trying to redirect the output to a file within a Linux or Unix shell?
Tracking 100 Days To Offload
Observe my reflections and resolve of participating in the 100 Days to Offload challenge in using a Bash script to track my progress.
How To Find The Linux Install Date
How to determine the approximate installation or creation date and time of various Linux operating systems.
Find Your Most Frequently Used Terminal Commands
Determine the most used commands in the terminal using Bash, Fish, PowerShell and Zsh with these simple one line commands.
A Bash Countdown To Christmas
Find the festive joy in this countdown script for Christmas using Bash along with three simple commands, date, clear and sleep.
How to Add New Disk Drive to a Linux System
Learn the steps on how to add a new disk drive to a Linux system from finding the device, creating a partition, formatting and mounting.
Restrict PHP Version for Composer Packages
There are many advantages to using Composer, but one stands out from the rest. Learn about the benefits of setting the PHP platform version.
Slice of Life Wallpaper: Part Two
Be mindful and begin the day with peace and relaxation using these curated artwork pieces of imaginary slice of life high resolution (2K/4K) wallpapers.
Space Cadet Pinball
Experience the classic and shockingly good game of 3D Pinball for Windows - Space Cadet on a modern device or operating system.
Send Email Messages Using Symfony Mailer
Learn how to send email messages using the Symfony mailer component without the use of the Symfony framework.
Pairing to a Logitech Unifying Receiver
How to pair a device to a Logitech Unifying receiver using Linux in the command line or using a graphical application.
Confusion In The Land of Mastodon Features
Gain insight into some of the confusing features on the wonderful Mastodon software that so many of us have grown to love.
Pikaur System Update Returns TypeError
During a system upgrade I discovered pikaur is no longer working due to it failing with a TypeError message. Here's how I resolved it.
Challenges of Scheduling Meetings
The struggle of setting a date and time for a meeting can be challenging, though there must be a way with the use of open source software.
Setting Up a Mastodon Profile
Detailed documentation explaining how to setup a Mastodon social network profile with screenshot examples.
Slice of Life Wallpaper: Part One
Bring joy to your desktop or mobile device using these curated artwork pieces of imaginary slice of life high resolution (2K/4K) wallpapers.
Change Background Color In Geany
A guide on how to change the background color or color scheme (theme) using the open source IDE (integrated development environment) editor Geany.
Add Custom Metadata to MkDocs
Learn the ins and outs of adding custom metadata to MkDocs with overriding blocks and meta files for all pages, per page or per directory.
Automatically Remove Tracking Parameters
A guide on how I automatically remove query parameters before a website is visited with the use of uBlock Origin custom filters.
Adding Admonitions to Jekyll
Uncover what an admonition or call-out is and how to implement them in a website using Jekyll, HTML, Liquid and SASS.
Tech Podcasts Recommendations
Unearth technology podcasts that focus on authenticity, respect, simplicity, transparency and aspiration to learn in this curated list.
Configure Pi-hole Upstream DNS Servers
Learn how to change the Pi-hole's upstream DNS servers using a web browser or doing it manually in the command-line interface.
Inspiration for Mental Health
Gain inspiration from these four YouTube creators as they spread awareness and fundraise for mental health!
Converting Address Book Contacts from vCard
How to convert a VCF to LDIF file format to import into Mozilla Thunderbird address book while protecting the privacy of the contacts.
Share a Website Address Using a QR Code
Easily share a website address without errors in communication or recording by generating a QR Code locally on a computer using a Linux operating system.
GIMP Image Processing Using Batch Mode
How I automated the task of processing a group images by applying sharpen, white balance and color enhance using GIMP.
Replacing Pen Ink Cartridges
Delve in on how I ended up looking into pen cartridge replacements, what pens I own and the help I'm seeking for resolution.
How to Recover and Prevent Depression
The insights, strategies and techniques on taking action to handling, preventing and overcoming depression by Dr. Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D.
Discover Surprising Benefits of Thrift Shopping
Learn why the joy, sights, sounds, and socializing are just some of the benefits when thrifting that cannot be replaced by traditional shopping.
Printable Paper Based Raspberry Pi Cases
Explore my discoveries in searching for an inexpensive do-it-yourself printable template paper based Raspberry Pi enclosures.
What are Keyboard Shortcuts?
Learn everything there is to know about what a keyboard shortcut is, why one should use them, how to use them, and what are common keyboard shortcuts.
Atom Text Editor Project Ends
Hear my thoughts and opinions on the retirement of Atom, a popular open-source text editor application created by GitHub and community.
Rants of Exporting YouTube Subscriptions
The journey of rants as I figured how to export YouTube subscriptions for backup or use with another Google Account or application.
Building The Mastodon Mascot
Come on down the path of discovery to learn the tools I use to build the paper model of a Mastodon Mascot by Poudingue.
Breathing Life Back Into An Old Laptop with Manjaro
Restoring life back into an old laptop to make it useful again without using a terminal, while experiencing Manjaro for the first time.