Here is a list of some of my favourite blogs I personally recommend and relatable links. Each link listed will have the website name, website link and Atom/RSS feed link (if applicable).

Website Name Author Feed
Bradley Taunt Bradley Taunt
Clayton Errington Clayton Errington
Herman's blog Herman Martinus
joelchrono12 Joel
Kev Quirk Kev Quirk
Lazybear Hyde
Matt Cooper Matt Cooper
Mike Stone Mike Stone
moddedBear moddedBear
Ru Singh Ru
The Art Of Not Asking Why JTR
Usecue Joost van der Schee
Website Name Author Feed
100 Days To Offload Kev Quirk
The Darktheme Club Garrit Franke
Ye Olde Blogroll Ray

Revised Jul 29, 2023