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What I've Learned from #100DaysToOffload Challenge

  • Adam Douglas

On January 12, 2021 I stated publicly that I was joining the 100 Days To Offload challenge in a blog post entitled “Join Me in 100DaysToOffload”. Going into this challenge I just wanted to get blog posts published and reach the 100 blog posts. I never expected much more than that to happen.

A year has past since and looking back now I’ve only was able to accomplish 47 posts out of 100 posts in the challenge. In all honesty I’m disappointed in myself for not completing the challenge. If you simply think about it making one post a week would give you approximately 52 posts a year depending on the year of course. Therefore, reaching 100 posts should simply mean doing about two posts a week. This should be easy to accomplish.

Though I am disappointed with myself I also have realized that it is not as simple as the challenge sounds. You see one has to figure out a workflow that works for your desires and needs. This may even mean that one doesn’t even know what those desires and needs are. Then there is the whole decision of what tools and software do I use. What should I write about? In the end I feel I didn’t do that bad of a job. It is still an accomplishment having 47 posts in a year.

With all of that said I’m not going away form this without learning and realizing a few things as a result of participating in the challenge. I feel I’m not great at writing or expressing myself but, it has come clear to me that I enjoy writing. I like to express myself creatively using words. I’ve even started noticing that I have the desire to improve my writing skills. If I do improve my writing ability this just helps in my overall communications skills. Another bonus in my mind is it seems the challenge creates a positive community that encourages each other to simply write. This allows for one’s thoughts and creativity to flow. It helps me to better understand myself because it makes me focus on what I actually think or break down what my thoughts are to get them in an organized manner that is understandable for others to read. The biggest takeaway I’ve noticed is there is value in all that we do even if one may feel someone else has done it before.

In the end of it all I challenge myself to beat the 47 posts I accomplished by taking on the challenge again to reach the goal of 100 posts.

Thanks to Kev Quirk for creating the #100DaysToOffload challenge.

This is post 1 of 100, and is round 2 of the 100 Days To Offload challenge.

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