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A Cyberspace Inquisition #2: Impressions

  • Adam Douglas

We all use the cyberspace in different ways but I find for myself I primarily navigate out of curiosity, to research out a topic, to simply solve a problem or for entertainment. With the 26+ years I’ve been navigating the cyberspace I’ve seen quite a lot. Yet for some reason I’m still impressed with what I find online, that people are able to innovate and push their curiosity to reality. With these links below I feel this shows a portion of what is out there in cyberspace that leaves you with impressions that can trigger your own inner curiosity to explore and innovate no matter your interests.

  • FlorisBoard

    A new open source keyboard is in development for Android v6.0 and newer. The focus is to be a modern keyboard that is user-friendly and customizable while respecting your privacy. You can grab a copy of it on F-Droid. If you so wish you can choose to get the bleeding edge version on IzzyOnDroid.

  • Plan 9 Foundation

    For those interesting in playing with alternative operating systems, Plan 9 OS has just recently been transferred from Bell Labs to the Plan 9 Foundation along with all previous releases have been relicensed under the MIT license. It will be interesting to see what the Plan 9 Foundation will do moving forward.

  • Keyboard Vendor List

    This is an amazing keyboard vendor list by Alexotos. It is nicely laid out by country with even links to artisans and custom cable creators. I would highly recommend looking into this if you are all interested and make sure to browser around the web site further for more great keyboard content.

  • Masto.host

    Have you thought about wanting to host your own Mastodon instance? Well this hosting provider is focused on allowing you to do just that. They seem to be fairly new and seems to be based out of Europe some where. I found out about this interesting provider from @leo@twit.social as he is currently using them for his own instance, twit.social.

  • FareDrop

    Unfortunately not as many people are traveling now a days, however when things open up more this service seems to be priceless for those that travel a lot. The service helps you find deals on purchasing plane tickets by personalizing it to your desired flights. When deals are found you are notified via email or text (SMS). This service was created by people that truly know what traveling is all about, Kara and Nate. I highly recommend you checking them out.

  • Lockdown Privacy

    A simplified firewall for your Apple products by blocking trackers, ads and badware. This seems to be a good free and open source option for your Mac and iOS devices.

  • Ytfzf

    An interesting approach to finding YouTube videos via the terminal paired with mpv and youtube-dl so you can play or download the videos.

  • DIY Sunday. $15 Foldable Bike Hook and Scrap Lumber

    I just had to share this one, some brilliant cyclist came up with a DIY idea to make their own bike repair stand. Simple by looks quite effective.

  • The Big Little Guide to Message Queues (https://sudhir.io/the-big-little-guide-to-message-queues/)

    If you have every been interested in learning the fundamental concepts of message queues and how to apply using popular queueing systems look no further than this good article by Sudhir Jonathan.

  • Linux Users Like Lovely Logos

    Don’t let the title of this blog post throw you off, this is a interesting article by bbbhltz talking about logo design concepts by examining Linux operating system distribution logos. Everything from shapes, colors and their meanings is covered.

Did you come across something interesting in cyberspace, why not share by contacting me.

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