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A Cyberspace Inquisition #4: Wonder

  • Adam Douglas

In a world as vast as the one we live we still seem to find wonder each and every day. Cyberspace is a world in itself, but at the same time it is an extension of our physical world. Created out of wonder, which in return allows us to discover more answers we seek. One way to provide answers is by learning from those that are wise and knowledgeable. One such resource that seems to continue to grow day by day is the world of curated awesome lists. Here are just a few to help you along your journey of wonder and endless possibilities.

  • Awesome Alternatives

    Venture out away from the popular proprietary services today with these many alternatives websites/software that can achieve the same thing.

  • Awesome Jekyll Editors

    Changing your workflow can sometimes make a world of difference so why not try one these awesome Jekyll editors?

  • Awesome TTY Games

    Sometimes simplicity can be quite enjoyable with these Linux/Unix console/terminal ASCII games.

  • Awesome Jekyll Plugins

    Extend your Jekyll instance with these collection of awesome gem-packaged Jekyll plugins.

  • Awesome Self Hosted

    Take back control of your data and services with these free software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own.

  • Awesome Shell

    Expand the possibilities with this curated list of awesome command-line frameworks, tool kits, guides and gizmos.

  • Awesome Docker

    Accomplish more these these Docker resources and projects.

  • Awesome VS Code/VSCodium

    A curated list of delightful VS Code packages and resources.

  • Awesome Remote Job

    Looking for work? Why not use these list of awesome remote jobs and resources.

  • Awesome Design Tools

    Help your design along with these design tools and plugins.

  • Awesome Terminals

    Terminal emulators, no matter the platform or language.

  • Awesome Asset Discovery

    Use this resource for all your security assessments in asset discovery.

  • Awesome IoT

    It’s hard to keep up with IoT (Internet of things) so it’s always helpful to have a curated list of awesome IoT projects and resources.

  • Awesome Python

    Explore the world of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources.

  • Awesome Game Boy Development

    Take your next development journey with awesome Game Boy (Color) Development resources, tools, docs, related projects and homebrews.

  • Awesome GNU/Linux gaming

    Endless awesome GNU/Linux tips & tricks, games, tools, and resources.

  • Awesome Naming

    Help naming things right from the start with this great list.

  • Curated list of awesome lists

    Look no further than this ultimate awesome curated list of lists.

Have any awesome lists to share? Let me know by contacting me.

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