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A Cyberspace Inquisition #5: Imagination

  • Adam Douglas

One of the most powerful tools we have as humans is imagination. With imagination we can dream and create the impossible without limitations. More often then not those creations in our imaginations become reality in the real world when many may doubt or say it’s not possible. Cyberspace provides another means of limitless possibilities allowing those far and wide to express their imaginations through digital creations that may even form into physical creations. Imagination can be expressed in many forms just as words, art, electronics, movies or even a website such as this one. The possibility of how we take imagination and apply it, is what allows one to create the unthinkable.

Lets spark the imagination in your mind for inspiration as we dive into this inquisition through the world of cyberspace.

  • 75 Short Short Stories

    Take five minutes of your time to explore these short stories covering topics such as Witty, introspective, morality, other-wordly, feel-good/love, dramatic or political farce.

  • Adafruit Learning System

    Learn the world of electronics through Adafruit Learning System guides, Circuit Playground, signup for AdaBox or Adafruit Daily.

  • Best Raspberry Pi Projects

    Be inspired and creative by tom’s Hardware Raspberry Pi projects, published May 1, 2021.

  • Element14 Presents

    Through Element14 Presents take a deep dive into the world of circuitry design, 3D printing, micro controllers, modeling, design and more.

  • Gemini space

    Wonder through cyberspace into a new world called Gemini space using a desired client.

  • ImaginaryMindscapes

    Venture into the world of Imaginary Mindscapes from those sharing their imagination through paintings and drawings.

  • Logos By Nick

    Show your creative imagination through learning graphic design using open source software, Inkscape and GIMP in these insightful tutorial videos, articles and courses.

  • Poetry Foundation

    Be immersed into words of poetry through reading poems, articles, learning, poetry magazine and even listening to a podcasts.

  • Procreate Police Department

    The level of detail in this alluring digital artwork by Nikolai Lockertsen never stops to amaze me how it draws you in to discover something you may have missed before.

  • Ricardo Junchem

    Seek digital pixel artwork put on canvas, phones, posters, clothing or even end up having it appear in video games.

  • Roksolyana Hilevych, Photography, 500px

    Capture the world of natural landscape beauty and share in cyberspace like Roksolyana Hilevych from Rome, Italy.

  • Spacegulls, NES, video game

    Go onto a retro adventure playing this NES game called Spacegulls, created by Morphcat Games.

  • Walnut St. Design

    Take a look at these beautiful hand crafted greeting cards of art.

  • Taking Flight

    This amazing short film directed by Brandon Oldenburg of Moonbot Studios shows you what imagination can do for the young and the old.

  • Solid State - Beep

    Draw inspiration into motion in this amazing Lego music video creation.

  • Flex Box Adventure Game | Learn CSS FlexBox

    Enjoy this creative approach to learning CSS FlexBox through playing a game.

What inspires your imagination? Want to share your creations? Why not let me know by contacting me.

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