Fireworks by Ray Hennessy

Adamsdesk Officially Launches

  • Adam Douglas

Hello, I’m happy to announce the official launch of this website “Adamsdesk”. There is not a lot here right now, however that will change as the content is created and posted here for the world to see. Here is a portion taken from the about page that best describes what this website will achieve.

Adam’s Desk, your desk, our desk, the desk of humankind. Take a seat at the desk, open a drawer, and explore its contents. It is a hub of debunked misinformation and guided learning. At it, you will find a variety of technology-focused content, serving to fill the informational gap between products and consumers through honest reviews, transparent specs, how-tos, and headline tech. Answers to solutions will be found, eliminating the frustration of rifling through misleading, outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate information on the products that make us who we are. There is no junk drawer in this desk. Everything is professionally organized and simplified for your learning pleasure.

This blog is not all that is coming to Adamsdesk in 2021. I am working towards producing two videos shows Adamsdesk, Swift Flow Adventures and a podcast, Mindfulsations. This is all a new journey for me, many times I’ve found this all to be quite daunting to take on especially since I’ve chosen to make this my full time job. I hope you choose to follow me on this journey and I look forward to interacting with you all.

Thanks to Ray Hennessy for the beautiful photograph.

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