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Improve Your DuckDuckGo Search Experience with Bangs

  • Adam Douglas

I’m always trying to find new ways to help get my tasks done in a more efficient yet effective manner. One area that definitely can be improved upon is how we all search online. There are so many places to go, it is at times difficult to recall each website, or even find the website amongst our bookmarks. A tool that I find extremely helpful is using DuckDuckGo !Bangs. A great solution to do searches with ease.

What are DuckDuckGo Bangs?

A shortcut command (bang) to perform a search directly on another search engine or service. This allows for a central point to conduct all search queries from instead of having to go to each website or service separately.

Bang is a slang word for exclamation point or mark (!). However, in this particular context a Bang represents not just the exclamation point or mark, but also includes the shortcut command (e.g. !tmdb).

How to Use DuckDuckGo Bangs

Using Bangs requires one to type the search keyword followed by the bang (exclamation point/mark), and then the shortcut command. Pressing enter afterwards will perform the search. Here is an example of searching for the keywords “space team” followed by an exclamation mark, and the shortcut (gr) to GoodReads.

space team !gr

If DuckDuckGo region setting is adjusted to a specific country in the settings menu, !bangs will automatically direct to that region, if available. So if one does a Bang of linux !w, you will be sent to

Where Do I Find DuckDuckGo Bangs?

Search for available Bangs by simply using the Bang books !bangs or by going directly to DuckDuckGo !Bangs web page.

Personally I experiment by testing out what I think a Bang could be. Quite often I find it quickly, and I discover Bangs that are not listed as far as I can find.

How to Add/Edit a Bang

New or updating existing Bangs can be submitted by going to the DuckDuckGo New !Bang web page, and filling out the required form fields.

Suggested Bangs

Here are a list of Bangs that I use frequently, that may be of help to get you started or discover a Bang you didn’t think to use.

Service Bang Query Example
Aliexpress !ali gadgets !ali
Alpine Linux Wiki !alw uefi !alw
Alpine Packages !alpine podman !alpine
Amazon Canada !ca dell poweredge !ca
Amazon USA !a dell poweredge !a
ArchLinux Arm Packages !alarmpkg tcpdump !alarmpkg
ArchLinux AUR !aur pikaur !aur
ArchLinux Manual Pages !archman date !archman
ArchLinux Packages !alp tcpdump !alp
ArchWiki !aw networking !aw !dict linux !dict
eBay Canada !ebc gadgets !ebc
eBay USA !e gadgets !e
GoodReads !gr space team !gr
Internet Pinball Database !ipdb batman 66 !ipdb
Kijiji !kijiji switch game !kijiji !man wc !man
Metacritic !mc streets of rage !mc
Mozilla Developer Network !mdn !mdnjs !mdncss video !mdn
Open Media Database !omdb star trek !omdb
OpenStreetMap !osm example !osm
Pixabay !px binary !px
Qwant !qw adamsdesk !qw
Qwant Maps !qmaps Canada !qmaps
Reddit !r slice of life !r
Rotten Tomato !rt monty python holly grail !rt
Startpage !s adamsdesk !s
SVGRepo !svgrepo fitness !svgrepo
The Movie DB !tmdb my neighbor totoro !tmdb
The TVDB !tvdb kotaro lives alone !tvdb
Wikimedia Commons !wmc linux terminal !wmc
Wikipedia !w archlinux !w
Wikiquote !wq change !wq
Wikitionary !wt coder !wt
Wordnik !word hacker !word

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