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How To Use DuckDuckGo From the Command Line

  • Adam Douglas

I’ve used DuckDuckGo so many times throughout the day that I can’t even recall how many times I’ve searched for something. What I do know is that I always have to use a graphical interface to conduct my searches, even though I’m in the command line majority of the time. The dream of using DuckDuckGo in the command line is a reality thanks to an application called “ddgr”, a simple, clean, and ease to use text interface.


ddgr can be installed in the majority of operating systems. Here are a few examples on how to achieve that.

Arch Linux

$ pikaur -Sy ddgr


# apt install ddgr


# dnf install ddgr


# brew install ddgr


$ snap install ddgr


The basics of using ddgr is just simply running the command followed by a keyword. The default behavior will return a list of 10 results per page, and a command prompt waiting for your instructions.

$ ddgr adamsdesk
1.  Home - Adamsdesk []
    A hub for technology users to navigate the misleading, outdated, and
    inaccurate product information online for what is honest, clear, and

2.  Adamsdesk KB []
    Home. Welcome to Adamsdesk Knowledge Base. Recent Activity.
    2022-12-12 Arch Linux AUR Helper Add new article;
    2022-12-12 Arch Linux Pacman Fix for accuracy and clarity;
    2022-12-05 Arch Linux Install AUR Helper Add Paru AUR Helper;
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3.  About - Adamsdesk KB []
    Topics covered on Adamsdesk Knowledgebase is to be on all areas of life that
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    Knowledgebase is primarily maintained by Adam Douglas. As this knowledge
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... (intentionally trucated)

ddgr (? for help)

Here is a quick overview of the application commands.

Task Command Example Description
Copy link c 1 Copy link to clipboard by index number.
Help ? Show help.
Open link index 1 Open result corresponding to index number in a web browser.
Open link o 1 3 5 Open multiple space-separated result indices in a web browser.
Open link O 1 3 5 Same as “o”, but will use a graphical user interface (GUI) web browser instead.
Page first f Go to the first page of results.
Page next n Fetch the next page of results.
Page previous p Fetch previous page of results.
Quit CTRL-D Exit ddgr.
Quit ENTER ENTER Press the enter key twice to exit ddgr.
Quit q Exit ddgr.
Search New search for “”.
Search d New search for “”.
Show full link x Toggle displaying full links, or domain name only.

Integrate with Text Browsers

ddgr works with several text-based browsers, such as elinks, links, lynx or w3m. For the text-browser integration to work the environment variable BROWSER must be set. This can be done manually as shown below.


$ export BROWSER=w3m
$ BROWSER=w3m ddgr adadamsdesk


$ set -g -x BROWSER w3m
$ BROWSER=w3m ddgr adadamsdesk

A permanent solution would be to add the environment variable to your shell configuration file (e.g. ~/.bashrc, ~/.config/fish/


$ nano ~/.bashrc
export BROWSER="w3m"


$ nano ~/.bashrc
set -g -x BROWSER w3m


The configuration of colors can be altered from the default of “oCdgxy” using an environment variable DDGR_COLORS or a command line parameter. Each character of the total six characters represents a specific element, and are listed in order as follows.

  • indices
  • titles
  • URLs (links)
  • metadata/publishing info
  • abstracts
  • prompts

ddgr offers the following colors/styles:

Letter Color/Style
a black
b red
c green
d yellow
e blue
f magenta
g cyan
h white
i bright black
j bright red
k bright green
l bright yellow
m bright blue
n bright magenta
o bright cyan
p bright white
A-H bold version of the lowercase-letter color
I-P bold version of the lowercase-letter bright color
x normal
X bold
y reverse video
Y bold reverse video

Command Examples

  • Basic Search

      $ ddgr adamsdesk
  • Search with Bangs

      $ ddgr !w ansi escape code

    Escape the character “!” (exclamation mark) to work within Bash.

      $ ddgr \!w ansi escape code
  • Feeling Lucky

    Open the first result found in a web browser with no prompt.

      $ ddgr -j ansi escape code
  • Specific Website

    Show only results from a specific website only.

      $ ddgr -w commandline
  • Specific File Type

    Show results containing a specific file type.

      $ ddgr linux filetype:pdf
  • Convert mass ddgr -n 1 –np 4 kg to lbs

    Convert kilograms to pounds without a prompt, and returning the first result only.

      $ ddgr -n 1 --np 4 kg to lbs
  • Disable Safe Search –unsafe

      $ ddgr --unsafe
  • Display Full Links

    Show the entire link instead of just the domain name.

      $ ddgr -x adamsdesk
  • Get current public IP address without prompt -n 1 –np ip

    Display your public IP address without a prompt, and returning the first result only.

      $ ddgr -n 1 --np ip
  • Search by Region -r en-ca

    Return results by region, see DuckDuckGo params help page for more details.

      $ ddgr -r en-ca
  • Quoted Text

      $ ddgr it\'s a \"beautiful world\" in spring
      $ ddgr "it's a "beautiful world" in spring"
  • Limit Results Per Page

    Display 15 results per page.

      $ ddgr -n 15

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