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How To Create a Multiboot USB with Ventoy Using Linux

  • Adam Douglas

It’s been a long time since I’ve played around with a boot manager in this much detail. Over the past several days I’ve been playing with Ventoy, testing and creating a custom theme. I do have to admit I went maybe too far into this, but I was enjoying myself and figured there maybe someone out their that might appreciate all what I’ve done. So here I am sharing how to create a multiboot USB flash drive with Ventoy and sharing my simple Ventoy theme.

Ventoy default theme screenshot
Screenshot - Ventoy default theme

If you haven’t already first read my review on Ventoy The Ultimate Multi Boot Manager.

I’ve written up detailed instructions for Arch Linux and Debian on Adamsdesk Knowledgebase, How To Create Multiboot USB With Ventoy Using Linux.

Ventoy Adamsdesk theme screenshot
Screenshot - Ventoy Adamsdesk theme

The simple theme I created is called “Ventoy Adamsdesk Theme” and is based upon website theme. I enjoy simplicity. The font used is Terminus and the menu icons I’ve used are from various creators, see attribution. Some may question, how come I didn’t make the menu items pretty since Ventoy supports this. I find it annoying having to change the menu item text and associated filename each time I update. In most cases I’ve found the downloaded filename has everything I need to know at a glance. The theme provides the following boot image icons.

For the future of the theme I hope to figure out how to get a scroll bar added. If anyone knows and wishes to share, please contact me.

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