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How To Enable Window Switching Keyboard Shortcut In GNOME

  • Adam Douglas

By default GNOME Shell is configured to switch between applications grouped together using the keyboard shortcut ALT + TAB. You can change this behavior to switch between windows without any grouping. This change can now be done by simply setting the keyboard shortcut called “Switch windows” within the GNOME Settings. It is no longer necessary to install a GNOME Shell extension to achieve this.


As of GNOME Shell v3.30 the AlternateTab extension by fmuellner is obsolete and was discontinued as of GNOME Shell v3.32.



  1. Open “Settings.”
  2. In Settings click on “Keyboard” on the left hand side.
  3. Under “Keyboard” click on “View and Customize Shortcuts”.
  4. In the search bar type without double quotes “switch windows”.
  5. Click on “Switch windows”.
  6. Press ALT + TAB and then click on the “Set” button.
  7. Close the “Keyboard Shortcuts” window.
  8. Close the “Settings” window.


If you receive a conflict message choose a different keyboard shortcut or choose to disable the conflict by clicking on the "Replace" button.

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