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Inspiration for Mental Health

  • Adam Douglas

I don’t believe there are even words that can describe how impactful what I’m going to talk about today is. You see there are certain people in life that seem to grow inspiration beyond what one can even imagine. Eamon & Bec and Craig and Aimee are those types of people that just seem to continually challenge themselves while at the same time inspiring others to keep moving in life. All four of them are doing what they love while creating great entertainment with honesty and authenticity on their YouTube channels.

This week I sat down to watch the latest episodes of YouTube channels Eamon & Bec and Kinging-It (Craig & Aimee) like I do every time they release new videos. However, this week I was surprised they made me cry several times throughout their videos. This of course was a good thing. These videos were to me the most inspirational videos released to date by these two couples working so hard to push awareness of their cause. The strong level of connection with other people was great to see. I strongly recommend watching these two videos as they could positively impact your life or someone in your life about mental health.

video thumbnail with Eamon and Bec

My 30 Day Transformation (chemo to 5K) - YouTube | Invidious | Donate

Bec has being going through one of the hard times having to fight with breast cancer that included two breast surgeries, 8 rounds of intensive chemotherapy and 1 month of fertility treatment to treat the breast cancer. Before beginning 20 rounds of radiation therapy Bec decided to see how strong she can become both physically and mentally by challenging herself to 30 days of meditation and training for a 5 KM (3.1 miles) run in the Canadian Cancer Society CIBC Run for the Cure.

video thumbnail with Craig and Aimee

Can We Push a Wheelie Bin Across An Entire Country? (200 miles!) - YouTube | Invidious | Donate

Craig and Aimee of Kinging-It decided to take on the challenge of pushing a garbage bin or as they call it a wheelie bin across the country from Anglesea in North Wales to Cardiff in South Wales. The distance they are going to be travelling is 321 KM (200 miles) while creating awareness and raising money for mental health. The initial goal is to raise £15,000 for mental health by supporting Bigmoose of reaching £1,000,000 in 2022.

This is post 29 of 100, and is round 2 of the 100 Days To Offload challenge.

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