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Inspiration from an Elder

  • Adam Douglas

Today I sat down to watch the latest video released from Kara and Nate entitled “My 86 year old grandpa is starting van life :)”. It was a wonderful video as always, but that is not why I’ve chosen to share this with you today. As Kara and Nate told the story of Nate’s grandpa about his van and his running I was in complete awe. This is so inspirational to show the world that at 86 years old, Nate’s Grandpa is doing 2.4 km a day or 12 kms (7.45 miles) a week. That is amazing. Then on top of that, Nate’s Grandpa wants to start van life and go to every state park in Tennessee, USA. This is what living life is all about. Never stopping by choosing to not allow anything to get in your way of living life to it’s fullest.

I highly recommend watching the video to get inspiration and to see this beautiful story unfold.

video thumbnail with Nate and Nate's Grandpa

YouTube | Invidious

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