An cartoon style of a Mastodon, and mascot alternative for the Mastodon software.

List of Helpful Mastodon Resources

  • Adam Douglas

Mastodon is growing by the day, and there seems to be many people that are seeking help in some form or another. So I thought it may be of help to list what I’ve come across in my travels reading about Mastodon.

If I’m missing a good resource, or you think I should remove a link, then please consider contacting me.

How To Use Mastodon

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  • Bridgy Fed

    Connect your website to Mastodon, and the fediverse directly or cross posting.

  • Emoji list

    List of custom emojis by instance.

  • Feed2toot

    Automatically parses RSS feeds, identifies new posts, and posts them on Mastodon.

  • Mastodon Archive

    Backup your statuses, favorites, and media using Mastodon API (application programming interface).

  • Mastofeed

    Embedded Mastodon feeds for blogs, websites, etc.

  • Mastodon timeline feed widget

    Embed a Mastodon feed timeline in your web page, using CSS and JavaScript.

  • Mastodon scheduler
  • Moa

    Link your Mastodon account to Twitter.

  • Search Mastodon tools
  • Stork (pleroma-bot)

    Mirror your favorite Twitter accounts in the Fediverse, so you can follow on the desired instance or migrate to the Fediverse using a Twitter archive.


  • FediDB

    Fediverse stats database for instances (servers) on user count, status count, software version, etc.

  • Fediverse Observer

    Another database for viewing stats of user count, up and down times, network traffic speed, etc. Additionally, a visual map to list each instance, and also helps to find an instance close to you.

  • The Federation

    Fediverse stats database for instances (servers) with graphs, user count, status count, software version, etc.

  • Mastodon Users Bot

    A bot that counts, and posts every hour the total users on all known instances.


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