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Little Bits: Issue #1

  • Adam Douglas

Welcome to the very first issue of the series “Little Bits”. Each issue of the series will contain two parts, a brief intro, and then no more than 10 unique or interesting bits (links)) of the Internet I find worthy to share. The format is intended to be short and to the point.

At first this will be a work in progress as I figured this out. As it stands right now, I’m not even sure how often an issue should come out. I’m open to hearing your feedback. Do I have too many links or not enough? Should I be adding something? What are your thoughts on the bits shared? Care to share a bit with me? Either way feel free to contact me.


  • Free emoji packs by Dzuk

    Choose from a variety of colorful and modern emoji packs available for download under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

  • Songs, Lyrics and Music Sheets by Tom Lehrer

    As of November 1, 2022 the lyrics, music written or composed by Tom Lehrer has been release into the public domain. I suggest checking it sooner than later, as who knows how long the website will remain online.

  • Catching up with Erik Spiekermann

    The well known author Erik Spiekermann teams up with Google Fonts to release a new edition of his book “Stop Stealing Sheep and find out how type works” available free in portable document format (PDF) to all under a Creative Commons license. The book is a guide to typography and is explained in everyday layman’s terms what it is and how to use it. A print book is available for purchase, ISD Book Distributor or The Other Collection.

  • White Bat Audio by Karl Casey

    A wonderful resource for the modern age, whether you are streaming or requiring music for a video. Karl has you covered by providing royalty free stream safe music. For those wishing to download the music, checkout the YouTube videos to find the link in the description and of course read the Free Music license agreement.

  • Detexify LaTex handwritten symbol recognition by Philipp Kühl & Daniel Kirsch

    Search for LaTex symbols with ease by drawing the symbol by simply using your finger or mouse.

  • systemd by example by Sebastian Jambor

    Learn systemd interactively from a web browser without the danger of breaking your system.

  • SSL Configuration Generator by Mozilla

    A helpful resource to generate 20 different software configuration files to help keep your service secure.

  • The League of Moveable Type

    Beautiful free open source fonts along with a newsletter and podcast to feed your design desires.

  • The Sierra Chest

    A fan site dedicated to preserving the legacy of the gaming giant Sierra. This isn’t just about the games, this site has everything related to Sierra. Such things include, magazines, walkthroughs, hints, music, etc.


    Free fitness resources by a non-profit, ad-free and product placement-free, DAREBEE. All resources are available free of charge to download and print. The site claims all information is thoroughly researched and tested. The system is funded by donations only.

    Resources include…

    • The manual (getting started guide)
    • Programs
    • Individual workouts
    • Exercise of the day
    • Workout of the day
    • Challenges
    • Video exercise library
    • The HIVE community (support/discussion)

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