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Little Bits: Issue #2

  • Adam Douglas

Time sure seems to fly by as it has already been almost 2 weeks since the last edition of Little Bits. I hope everyone has had wonderful safe celebrations, and a happy new year. Let’s break in the new year with some new bits (links) to fill your curiosity.


  • The Print Shop Club

    A website to give tribute to the software “The Print Shop” by Broderbund. Visitors can experience the fun of creating posters or greeting cards by playing with the software for the Apple II computer right from within a web browser. Documents printed from the software will be outputted to a PDF, and automatically downloaded to your device.

  • noclip by Jasper

    Browse the digital museum of animated video game levels by flying around within each level to discover the unknown.

  • Nintendo Switch Cover Template by Hopper

    Take your creative skills to the next level by making custom Nintendo Switch covers using this wonderful template in PSD file format.

  • thokr

    Improve your typing skills with this command-line text-based user interface (TUI) application with visualized results and historical logging.

  • minegrub-theme

    For those that never seem to get enough of Minecraft, why not change the Grub boot menu to a theme in the style of Minecraft?

  • mouseless

    Take control of your mouse using this software and a keyboard.

  • WTF

    An informational dashboard for the terminal to monitor systems, services, and much more.

  • Doom Engine Games WADs Selection

    A curated list of WADS for several Doom engine games, including, Doom (Ultimate, II, and Final), Heretic, Hexen, and Chex Quest.

  • Pepper Raccoon

    Discover this dark indie visual artist, and illustrator from Wellington, New Zealand. Purchase some art of your own or hire for services.

  • Aaronson.org Crosswords by Adam Aaronson

    Solve from 42 crossword puzzles, and growing right within a web browser. For those wanting to go old school using paper, and a pencil, Aaronson has you covered. Each puzzle can be printed along with the solutions.

Do you have a bit you would like to share or just wanting to continue the conversation? Please consider contacting me.

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