Dark green background with bright green colored text of ones and zeros with text that reads, Little Bits issue number four.

Little Bits: Issue #4

  • Adam Douglas

Life seems to fly by when one doesn’t notice especially when there is so many goodies to be discovered online. Let’s take this time to relax and enjoy these bits for our entertainment covering topics in graphic design, OpenAI, software programming, computing history, blogging and web development.


  • Minecraft Text Effect

    Follow this tutorial (video) to create the perfect Minecraft text effect using Minercraftory or 8-bit Arcade fonts. Free for personal or commercial use.

  • OpenAI Whisper

    An open source general-purpose speech recognition tool that can aid in generating a transcript of an audio file.

  • No-icon by Franck Albaret

    Icons for Android, Tux, Forgejo, OpenDesktop and Solus.

  • The “Build Your Own Redis” Book is Completed by James Smith

    Take on the challenge of building your own Redis by coding from scratch using C/C++.

  • Wendin-DOS : The forgotten multi-tasking, multi-user DOS clone from the 1980s by Bryan Lunduke

    Many are well aware of the existence of MS-DOS, but what about Wendin-DOS? A forgotten operating system that Bryan brings back to life covering an in depth history and the capabilities it offers.

  • Rspack

    An open source Rust-based JavaScript bundler that enables fast and efficient web development.

  • Shift Happens: A book about keyboards

    Pre-order your copy of the history of keyboards, covering early typewriters to modern day mechanical. The book is broken up into two volumes.

  • Bring Back Blogging

    Looking to discover new blogs to read? Take a look at this curated directory of bloggers.

  • Mastodon 3.11 for Workgroups

    A Windows 9x Mastodon client built in Visual Basic 6 using an open source license.

  • Project Code Rush - The Beginnings of Netscape / Mozilla Documentary (video) published Aug 12, 2013

    “Code Rush is a documentary following the lives of a group of Netscape engineers in Silicon Valley. It covers Netscape’s last year as an independent company, from their announcement of the Mozilla open source project until their acquisition by AOL. It particularly focuses on the last minute rush to make the Mozilla source code ready for release by the deadline of March 31 1998, and the impact on the engineers’ lives and families as they attempt to save the company from ruin.”

  • Creating an Operating System for the NES (video)

    An operating system called NESOS for the Nintendo Entertainment System or Family Computer Systems.