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Mozilla Is Working With Facebook?

  • Adam Douglas

Mozilla recently announced in a blog post titled “Privacy Preserving Attribution for Advertising” how they have been working with Meta Platforms (Facebook). It seems for a lot of people this can be quite concerning to hear these two companies coming together for any reason whatsoever. I personally don’t find this concerning. Let me explain my opinion and perspective on the matter.

As some may have noticed Mozilla has been struggling to find a common ground to create revenue to sustain itself. It only makes sense that Mozilla tries to fix this by leveraging some knowledge and experience from another organization in the industry. Now I’m not blind to fact that Mozilla has to me made some questionable decisions in the past that goes against their own values and goals. However, no one or organization is perfect. Sometimes we need to work with those we oppose in order to grow and resolve a problem. Meaning working with a company that may differ extremely in values still can be beneficial. To me the most positive thing here is, seeing a company like Mozilla continue to try. Growth comes from failure, so without trying how will Mozilla ever succeed? As well remember that advertising is a massive industry that is not going away and can have value to us the consumer when done properly. Mozilla is simply trying to find solutions of how to handle advertising online in a safe privacy focused manner.

Now I’m sure some are wondering am I a fan of Meta. No, not at all and in all honestly I avoid them as much as I possibly can. However, I’m not blind to see that there is good. Take a look at say GraphQL or React. It may sound like I’m defending Mozilla and even Meta, but I’m not. I’m merely trying to provide a different perspective for one to think about.

We will all have to wait and see what becomes of this team work and if it will amount to anything with W3C along with the Private Advertising Technology Community Group (PATCG) proposal. Lets us focus on hope and the possibility of positive change for the Internet community.

This is post 8 of 100, and is round 2 of the 100 Days To Offload challenge.

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