Sitting by the water in the mountains with a bicycle

My Current 4k Desktop Wallpapers

  • Adam Douglas

Every so often I change up my desktop wallpapers and today I thought I would share with you what I’ve switched to. I’ve chosen this time to grab all my wallpapers from wallhaven. My desktop wallpaper requirement is to have high quality resolution that is at least 3840 px x 2160 px or greater. Each wallpaper is displayed for one minute and then automatically rotates to the next one that is randomly picked.

Unfortunately I’m not aware of the original creators of all these great wallpapers however if you do know contact me and I will give them credit.

I’m always on the look out for new sources to get high quality resolution desktop wallpaper, so if you are aware of any please let me know.

  • tree blossoms
  • GitHub Octocat
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Norway dusk
  • San Francisco Oakland bay bridge skyline
  • building skyscraper looking up
  • mountains water bicycle
  • architecture building sky
  • forest silhouette smoky mountains
  • winter cabin mountains forest
  • San Francisco Oakland bay bridge
  • sunset outdoors boats
  • sunset outdoors skyline trees
  • winter road birds eye view
  • architecture building minimalism
  • cityscape alleyway water reflection

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