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My Top 7 Recommended Android Fitness Apps

  • Adam Douglas

Upon thinking about writing this post, I began to realize that I use my mobile phone for a lot regarding my fitness plan, tracking, log and really just overall management. Heck I’m not even talking about the fact that I’m using the phone’s accelerometer, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS.

All these apps are running on my Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920W8) with Android v7.0. I realize this is quite an old phone so your experience my vary compared to mine. I try to use apps that are open source, respect my privacy and security. Let’s begin as I explain each app I use, what I use it for and why I’ve chosen to use it.


I’m sure most would agree doing any level of fitness is always a better experience and enjoyment while listing to your favorite music or podcasts. For me while I’m mobile at least I seem to always listen to podcasts weather that is just in general, driving in the car, or getting exercise. I highly recommend them along with this amazing app. The biggest reason I enjoy using this app is because I get complete control over it. You can subscribe to a podcast using its search over multiple directories or by simply providing an RSS feed. On top of that it’s open source, ad-free, listen anywhere (offline), organize content as you wish, automatic download/deletion management and so much more. It just works as it’s simple and effective.


F-Droid | Google Play | Source


As the name suggestions, it allows you to set yourself as busy and help you stay focused without interruptions. I preset an away message and then just enable it when required. Base upon my configuration it will automatically send a text message (SMS) alerting the person calling or texting that I’m currently busy. As well a log is created for me to review once available again, so I know who has called or messaged me. The app is very basic, but it does the job quite well. If I’m being honest I would like to find a replacement as it is almost 4 years old since it received an update. Thankfully it doesn’t require Internet access.

If you know of a good open source solution for this purpose please let me know.


F-Droid | Source


A clean minimalistic approach to an alarm clock, stop watch and timer. The age of the app is getting close to 4 years old unfortunately, but again this one doesn’t require Internet access, and it just works for me so well. The purpose for fitness is the timers and stop watch. Good to keep yourself moving and improving your time. I love the ability to be able to set multiple predefined timers with a label so that I can later on quickly use them during my workouts.

I do admit though I’m looking for suggestions for an open source replacement else I maybe forced to fork this app myself and get it updated to current standards if necessary.


F-Droid | Source


I love this app, I’ve tried so many other solutions, but I just kept coming back to this one. For me this one is really important. I use it for tracking my workouts as I exercise, training history, plan my exercise routines, set goals, interactive progress, in-depth analysis, rest timer and plate calculator. As well, it has a great workout calendar for reference. On top of all that it is ad-free, has an exercise database, backup/restore and export your exercise log to CSV (comma separated values). The app just allows me to do what I need to get done simply and easily without hassle and complication. I love this app so much I actually purchased the FitNotes Supporter. The only thing I wish this app was open source and more minimal permissions required.


Google Play | Apk Pure


A sports tracking app that respects your privacy. I use this to track my walking and cycling sessions. Well let’s be honest primarily cycling. Last year I did 2,078 km or 103 hours 12 minutes and 7 seconds of cycling. OpenTracks has the following features, elevation gain, Bluetooth LE sensor for heart rate, power meter or speed/cadence, photos, markers, online and offline maps and compass. You can even use this in a pure offline version and export your data. I love how the app doesn’t require the use of Internet, and it simply works really well for what it can do. You can track so many activities now with it such as, running, walking, hiking, skateboarding, roller skating, snowboarding, skiing, cycling, mountain biking, motorcycle, electric ar, car, aeroplane, motorboat or sail boat. Put it this way this app does just about everything.


F-Droid | Google Play | Source

OSM Dashboard for OpenTracks

This is a plugin app that is used along with OpenTracks to see the route you’ve taking with starting point and end point on map. I just use it to review my cycling or walking routes after I’ve completed a session. I should try and see what it all does while connected to the Internet when I’m walking or cycling. However, in the end I really should just use OSM Dashboard Offline for OpenTracks instead as I can’t see myself requiring online connectivity. I need to spend more time learning more about this plugin.


F-Dorid | Google Play | Source


An amazing application that allows for you to view offline maps and get automated navigation directions. It’s free, open source, usable worldwide and uses OpenStreepMap for data. I use this app along with OpenTracks for reviewing my routes on a map. It’s not necessary, but I enjoy it, and honestly I’m sure I’m barely touching the surface of what I could be doing with it.


F-Droid | Google Play | Source

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