Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro 4K PCI-E video capture card

One Step Closer To Content Creation

  • Adam Douglas

As some of you may know or not know that my goal is to create a full time business out of my passion of technology. Though I have and will face challenges along the way it is my goal that I can show my passion in technology by helping others to grow, discover and accomplish tasks in unknown ways one never knew may have been possible. Saying this I’m excited that I’ve taken another step forward in my mind by purchasing a video capture card, the Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro 4K (PCI Express). The goal with this is new hardware is to capture video (record) via my DLSR camera and the desktop at the same time. As well, it will allow for future growth capturing video from endless other sources such as a mobile phone, gaming console, single board computers (e.g. Raspberry Pi), etc.

Some of you maybe thinking but why not purchase the “ABC” product instead. Well honestly I went with Intensity Pro 4K because it is supported in Linux which is my primary operating system. Though it does help to have support for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. Sure there are others, however most are limited with features, not universally supported on most operating systems and for not much more I can have far more features and growth with this. In the end this is what I felt was the best based on the knowledge I have now and what I could find for alternatives.

For further details take a look at the Intensity Pro 4K technical specifications.

Now I wait for this exciting new hardware!

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