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open books pages, story

Full explanation and solutions on how to fix the Jekyll collection paginate v2 caching bug using unofficial fixes.

Glitch art distortion

My findings to understand why GDM no longer starts automatically and what solutions can be applied to fix it.

Ventoy Adamsdesk theme menu screenshot cropped

Step-by-step instructions on how to create a multiboot USB with Ventoy using Linux. Plus a bonus custom Ventoy theme.

Ventoy logo

Investigate the simplest and ultimate free open source cross-platform multi boot manager released to the world, Ventoy.

Mobile and laptop web interface

Step by step instructions on how to clear your web browser cache using Apple Safari, Google Chrome/Chromium, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and more.

frustrated man

My attempt at trying to style my Atom feeds written in XML by using XSLT to transform it into HTML. Can you help solve the problem?

Android fitness app icons of FitNotes, Clock+, OSM Dashboard, OSMAnd~, OpenTracks, Auto-Away & AntennaPod

Revealing my top seven recommended Android fitness applications that will provide everything one would need to reach ones fitness goals.

Sitting by the water in the mountains with a bicycle

Come explore my current 4K selection of sixteen visually appealing desktop wallpapers covering landscapes, perspectives, cycling and more.

Web Internet Symbol by britaseifert

A full explanation of what self-hosting is, what a platform is, and the benefits of why self-hosting is so important.

USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set, Ebuyfire KX3-E

First impressions of unboxing the bicycle headlight and taillight set by Ebuyfire model KX3-E with a list of package contents and specifications.