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Black background with yellow cursive text that says 'Command History' with a gray bar graph below

Determine the most used commands in the terminal using Bash, Fish, PowerShell and Zsh with these simple one line commands.

A Christmas pattern background with white ASCII text that says Christmas Countdown

Find the festive joy in this countdown script for Christmas using Bash along with three simple commands, date, clear and sleep.

Three computer hard disk drives side by side with the top cover removed with a multi colored circuit pattern background

Learn the steps on how to add a new disk drive to a Linux system from finding the device, creating a partition, formatting and mounting.

A conductor with hands raised above the head with one hand holding a baton

There are many advantages to using Composer, but one stands out from the rest. Learn about the benefits of setting the PHP platform version.

A cartoon of a mastodon, girl and cat sleeping together between two trees, artwork title My Neighbor Mastodon by David Revoy

Be mindful and begin the day with peace and relaxation using these curated artwork pieces of imaginary slice of life high resolution (2K/4K) wallpapers.

Screenshot of the pinball table Space Cadet from the game 3D Pinball for Windows

Experience the classic and shockingly good game of 3D Pinball for Windows - Space Cadet on a modern device or operating system.

Symfony logo with text beside it that says, Symfony. On the next line a send email icon with text that reads, Mailer.

Learn how to send email messages using the Symfony mailer component without the use of the Symfony framework.

Logitech unify receiver USB dongle and K400r wireless touch keyboard

How to pair a device to a Logitech Unifying receiver using Linux in the command line or using a graphical application.

Mastodon mascot pointing to the a group of question mark symbols.

Gain insight into some of the confusing features on the wonderful Mastodon software that so many of us have grown to love.

Arch linux terminal displaying an error message from pikaur with a Arch Linux ascii logo aligned right.

During a system upgrade I discovered pikaur is no longer working due to it failing with a TypeError message. Here's how I resolved it.