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RustDesk blue, and white logo with blue text that reads, Rustdesk errors resolved.

Follow my thought process of how I resolved RustDesk not being able to generate an ID or make a connection to the free relay server.

The colorful DuckDuckGo logo, with text that reads, DuckDuckGo Command Line.

Gain insight into using DuckDuckGo from the command line from installation, configuration, browser integration, and search usage examples.

Dark green background with bright green colored text of ones and zeros with text that reads, Little Bits issue #2.

Break in the new year with a bang browsing these fresh new shiny bits (links) that should easily feed the void of curiosity.

Screenshot of fzf with the preview on of a list of Linux packages being filtered by the keyword electron.

Make life easier to maintain a clean Arch Linux system by listing reverse package dependencies using pacman, pactree, and fzf.

An example of markdown text with kramdown attribute lists.

Learn to easily apply HTML attributes by writing Markdown when using kramdown, and Jekyll or Bridgetown static site generators.

Colorful illustration of streamers, confetti, and balloons with text that reads, Happy New Year 2023.

A happy new year message, and thoughts that can empower each of us for a brighter future of tomorrow by starting today.

A illustration of Yoda from Star Wars with the words, May The FOSS be with you.

Explore the vast curated list of free open source software applications by category of use for the graphical user interface of a Linux desktop.

A vortex of posts that is formed by multi colored post-it notes.

Dive into my attempt at creating the related posts feature to each post page using Jekyll, Liquid template language and HTML.

An cartoon style of a Mastodon, and mascot alternative for the Mastodon software.

Handmade list of resources for the federated social network Mastodon covering, how to use, find an instance, find people, tools and more.

Screenshots of three video games on the Nintendo Switch, Streets of Rage 4, Flashback, Super Mario Odyssey, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

A shocking gift for Christmas takes me back as a child causing me to rediscover the joy of gaming again.