Personalized wooden pen case with an engraved boat and text

Replacing Pen Ink Cartridges

  • Adam Douglas

For quite some time I’ve found quality pens interesting and enjoyable to use. I’ve tried to figure out why this is and the only reasoning I have been able to come up with is, pens are a form of art and creativity. Odd thing is I’m not a big fan off cursive or printing. I would sooner just type it out which then allows me to make endless corrections while still having everything look nice and neat as well as gives me the ability to quickly search without having to do this manually. Ultimately it saves me time. However, in a recent meeting with Logan Huynh I had I was encouraged to take up journaling (writing) again to enjoy the process and allow myself to not focus on the details. This could provide another means of relaxation. Even reading Jack Baty’s posts have me interested and wanting to experience this joy people seem to have.

I’ve owned many pens over the years, though most were not enjoyable to use. I have two pens which I’m sure is not highest of quality, but the best quality pens I’ve owned that allow for the ink cartridge to be replaced. The wooden pen with the case, I just love the look of. It was a gift given to me by a co-worker when he was married. It’s beautifully personalized, but sadly it has not been used since I received it in 2015. The black pen (Bankers brand), I purchased from my employer around 2002 and has been working great ever since. I love the weight of it and how nice it writes or should I say flows.

Pens laid out with ink cartridges removed

So here is the thing, I have no idea where to even start to figuring out what ink cartridge to buy for these pens. It is my understanding there are many sizes or types and as you can see in the photo I have one cartridge that is with the pen head and the other where the pen fountainhead is separate from the ink cartridge. An added note, I will most likely have to buy the ink cartridges online, as I don’t believe I have a local store available for such products. If dear reader you are so inclined, I would appreciate your help in resolving this problem of mine by continuing the conversation over email or on Mastodon.


I received feedback from Jack Baty’s on Mastodon and learned that the wooden fountain pen uses a piston filler. Now just need to figure out what cartridge the other pen takes.

This is post 25 of 100, and is round 2 of the 100 Days To Offload challenge.

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