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'Tis The Season For Stress and Anxiety?

  • Adam Douglas

I’ve been thinking a lot about the whole preparation that so many of us seem to get caught up into during the various celebrations we may have each year. In particular, Christmas or whatever others may call it seems to put a lot of social or self expectations that to me takes away from the entire joyful experience such events can bring.


I originally didn’t think to post about this until I came across Greg Morris’ post entitled, “No Perfect Christmas”. The post inspired me to make this post and, give a different take on the whole thing. Heck, this process may even help myself or may be helpful to someone else.

Stress & Anxiety

Too often I find that such celebrations as Christmas creates stress, and even anxiety that is in most cases completely unwarranted. For instance this year, I felt the need that I had to get the perfect given for everyone, and may have even felt that I had to beyond my own children when I technically there is nothing that is forcing me that I absolutely have to for anyone. It comes down to putting this onto myself or feeling the need to, because others are doing it. Gifting should be about the desire to want to make someone happy or help them through act of gifting. As well the gift should come with no strings attached. What I mean by this, have no expectations of someone that receives your gifts. Be respectful, and understanding that the gift you gave is the love, joy, and happiness you wish to give them, not directly the gift itself. As well once the gift has been received, they giftee can choose to do with the present as they wish. Do not take offence, as their actions are not directly related to your act, and hard work to get, and give the gift. A perfect gift doesn’t exist, the best one can do is being thoughtful, and caring in whatever your gift may be.


We are overwhelmed with advertisements during Christmas that in itself can bring on the burden of stress that certain expectations must be met. We all have the power to not allow ads to influence us, and alter our thoughts. Plus I feel times have changed, and it has been forgotten that a gift is not always something that one purchases in a store. The gift can be anything, an act of helping, self-made, cooking a meal, etc. It is entirely okay as well to not give a gift no matter the reason. That is ones free will and choice to make. How someone else may react is their choice, even if that means the reaction is not respectful to you. Let that burden go, because you have the power to control not allowing negative situations ruin times of joy.

Another burden that comes indirectly is over committing one self, whether that be trying to do too much in too little time, or by over spending on the various gifts, food, drinks, etc. for the celebrations. I’ve found sticking to a budget allows for burden to not exist, and to not create unnecessary stress. None of us should be putting ourselves into a situation that we go into debt just so a gift can be given or trying to create that perfect celebration that is not realistic.


Celebration is a time of which we get to spend time with the ones we love and care about. The joy of interacting with one another is where the focus should be, and seeing smiles on peoples faces as they have fun together. Allow such times to be a great experience instead of focusing on the negative. In the end, everything will work out.

This is post 65 of 100, and is round 2 of the 100 Days To Offload challenge.

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