Three horizontal stripes of color, bright orange, light blue, and bright green with text that reads, Slice of Life Wallpaper, Part 5.

Slice of Life Wallpaper: Part Five

  • Adam Douglas

Life is always evolving in each of us in different directions. Some of it is dependent upon our own choices based upon our perspectives and experiences. What seems to me as common amongst us all is the core attributes we each seek, love, acceptance, companionship, and happiness to name a few. I wish for you dear reader to achieve these attributes and remember to not take life too seriously and enjoy the simple moments of life in this dose of slice of life wallpapers.


Please remember to respect the artists of each one of these art wallpapers and consider giving thanks to at least one of the artists.

Stacks of used coffee cups surround a woman sitting at the table in a restaurant.
The Coffee Addict by Someone Else (2000 x 1400 px)
A little girl sitting at a bench in a park reading braille with a small dog close by.
Blind Girl's peaceful day at the park by popopoka (4096 x 2654 px)
Parallel shot down the side of bus, in one window is an angry person.
We Live in a Society by popopoka (3840 x 2160 px)
A woman standing in the rain at night next to vending machines with garbage on the ground and an open umbrella.
Vending Machine by さけハラス (2118 x 3000 px)
Snow falling down from a cloudy sky with a person standing in the distance on top of a hill.
The Start of Winter by djbmo (3840 x 2160 px)
Bus art studio filled with decor and a woman sitting on a chair thinking.
Abandoned bus in the grass is a studio by imoniii (2234 x 2382 px)
A couple of people sitting next to a camper. One person having a hot drink and the other is playing a game.
Camping Trip by advarcher (6247 x 2970 px)
Three people looking at a car in a garage.
Garage by Faiz Azhar (1920 x 1080 px)
Woman standing leaning against a cupboard waiting for the noodles to finish cooking.
RIVA-IDM by Faiz Azhar (1920 x 2716 px)
A perspective view down the street of a down town are with busy people coming and go.
Untitled by Alariko (2048 x 1854 px)
A little girl walking in the snow that encounters upon a cat next to a vending machine.
Encounter by PixelMima (2048 x 1365 px)
A man having a quite moment sitting in a cozy coffee shop writing while having a drink.
Checking In by Daniel Ang (1920 x 1363 px)