Night time view of a parking lot with bushes, a lady waiting for someone and trees/houses in the background

Slice of Life Wallpaper: Part One

  • Adam Douglas

I’ve recently found myself enjoying slice of life content without even realizing it. I just seemed to naturally browse slice of life digital art online. I was recommended to watch Kotaro Lives Alone (2022) and I quite oddly enjoyed it. Though I never thought I would appreciate and enjoy slice of life type content. With this new found pleasure, I desire having my wallpaper fit this narrative as well. To me I find it is all calming, relaxing and somehow provides appreciation to not just the artist that creates them, but for the enjoyment of what is captured within each wallpaper. With this realization I began browsing the Internet to start collecting high resolution wallpapers that are at least 2K or better yet 4K resolution. I will not deny it has been challenging, however I have been able to locate some to showcase here these beautiful art pieces for your personal enjoyment.

What is Slice of Life?

A depiction of mundane experiences in art and entertainment. Often this creates content that focuses on a narrative approach that showcases simple life of events without much character development or conflict. Though slice of life is often found in anime and manga, it is also found in other forms of literature, film and theatre.


Please remember to respect the artists of each one of these art wallpapers. If I have missed anything in properly giving credit to where it is due, please let me know.

Two people laying on the ground admiring the sunset sky of clouds
Fleeting Feeling by nathanstefv (2000 x 1126 px)
Parked G-wagon automobile with wet ground beside a person over looking a bridge in the distance
Contemplate by Kaiwan Shaban (3240 x 4050 px)
A redheaded person leaning on the ground of grass on one hand and the other hand holding a card with a confused look
Ember Lehalíe, a confused Seer by Lawrence Sagabaen (4700 x 2000 px)
Cyberpunk style scene of flying cars around tall buildings with a shadow of a person and cat
Like Thunder by Dangiuz (2200 x 2750 px)
Overview look of a messy bedroom with a stressed person sitting on the bed
Hikikomori by kitsch0 (1920 x 1920 px, 3D)
A cartoon styled art showing a slice into a busy restaurant with many customers and an octopus as the chief
The Night in the Lonesome October - Octopus Izakaya by Yunny Wong (1920 x 1358 px)
A couple sitting on top of a large industrial automobile enjoying the view as the sun sets
The Last Sunset by Mehrdad Malek (1920 x 1200 px)
A view of a busy road intersection as various creatures carry on their day like humans
Animal Crossing by TotoroGuo (2500 x 1504 px)
Night time view of a parking lot with bushes, a lady waiting for someone and trees/houses in the background
Waiting by 1Eni1 (1920 x 1080 px, animated)
A gloomy apocalyptic industrial tall buildings with a person walking down the center of the road
Time Comes by Lifeline (6000 x 2600 px)
A girl in the water enjoying the massive waves of the ocean
Dream Sequence by Devin Elle Kurtz (1638 x 2048 px)
A messy and clean residential trailer with light shinning through the window blinds
Residential Trailer by Alex Papadin (1920 x 1080 px)

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