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Taking Time To Slow Down

  • Adam Douglas

Today has been one of those slow days, not that I want it to be a slow day. I just felt so tired, and just no energy to get at it. As one can see, even this post is rather dull. However, may be that is just me not looking at it all correctly. It may come down to that I need to slow down.

Slow Down

I’ve noticed over the past year, that if I keep pushing hard, and not allowing for time to care for myself my body will just end up forcing me to do so. Today to me is one of those days. Experiencing this happening to me several times now or at least being aware of it has started to make me think about it. For a lot of people we live our life quite differently from how we used to live our lives. Too much time is spent consuming, learning, and just simply overloading ourselves. I believe we need to slow down, and take time for some self-care.


Do something relaxing, and fun that is not over whelming. This can look quite different from person to person. It’s a state of mind we need to put ourselves into, once, and awhile to allow ourselves to recharge. Overall less time spent staring at a screen the healthier, and happier I believe we would all be.

For myself, I spend a lot of time on digital devices actively engaged. I need to find time to do passive tasks, that is not just exercise, but such things as reading a book, getting a massage, meditation, going for a walk, arts ‘n crafts, etc. If I did on a regular schedule I think I wouldn’t be having a wasted day or days sometimes. Winter for me is harder due to the harsh cold temperatures where I live. Cycling is really not doable to me, maybe if I had the cycling winter gear possibly that maybe different. The point is, we need to do a variety of activities to have a balanced life, so we do not run out of fuel to do what we want to do.


Hopefully this makes sense, and may help someone else out there. I feel so tired that I’m not even sure I’m getting my entire point across. Lets all focus on our health, and well-being that includes healthy boundaries with the people we have on our lives. I’m off to bed, awaiting to be blessed with another day full of energy. Good night.

This is post 66 of 100, and is round 2 of the 100 Days To Offload challenge.

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