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Taking a Curated Look at Black Friday Sales

  • Adam Douglas

I’m not one to really get excited about the sales going on for Black Friday or Cyber Monday because the trend seems to be for several years now that most items that are on sale are mostly cheap quality products or the sale price is not much of a savings to bother at local stores. However, that doesn’t mean I still don’t get exited to play with some new tech gadgets now and again. Here are a few tech related gadgets, software or courses I’ve found of interest to me to play with at some point in time.


I'm in no way associated to the following products/services directly or indirectly.

  • NFC Ring

    Sale: 35% off | Discount Code: BF21 | Expires: 2021-11-29 Midnight

    The NFC Ring allows for sharing information such as Wi-Fi, links to websites, links to photos, contacts or even turn on Wi-Fi. You choose what you want the NFC Ring to do.

  • Wasd Keyboards

    Sale: 10% off | Discount Code: WASDBF | Expires: 2021-11-29

    I’ve used many old school mechanical keyboards and I didn’t realize how much I truly enjoyed having them until I choose to give it away. Now with modern day mechanical keyboards this just takes it to another level. Wasd is that company that has done just that. Ever since I’ve used a Wasd code keyboard I’ve never been able to truly enjoy typing on a keyboard since. Without a doubt I will buy one someday, and it won’t be soon enough. I love the attention to detail and features these keyboards have, one is not requiring any software to use it.

  • Bvckup

    Sale: 40% off | Discount Code: BF-2021-PRO | Expires: 2021-12-01

    Hands down this is one of the best backup software solutions I’ve used to date on a Windows system. We all generally don’t enjoy backing up our data, but I tell you this software will make backup so smooth and painless you will enjoy handling your backups. To me this is a huge selling point. I’ve followed the author Alexander Pankratov for some time, and he produces quality software no questions asked. Sale applies to Pro for Workstation licenses only with a max of 5 licenses. Click on “Review Order” to apply the discount and see the adjusted total.

  • Flying The Nest Shop

    Sale: 50% off | Discount Code: | Expires: 2021-11-29

    Discover interesting courses covering topics such as Instagram growth, video editing (Adobe Premiere) and TikTok growth. Also available are Luts (video color grading) pack and video presets for mobile and desktop (Adobe Lightroom).

  • Logos By Nick Academy

    Sale: 50% off | Discount Code: BF2021 | Expires: 2021-11-29 Midnight

    The Logos By Nick Academy provides self-paced learning and downloadable (MP4 @ 1080p) for offline viewing video courses covering topics around Inkscape, GIMP, logo design, how to get hired on Upwork/Freelancer, Affinity Designer and you can also get logo design templates.

  • Ōura Ring

    Sale: $50 off & 6 months free membership | Discount Code: n/a | Expires: Unknown

    This intriguing ring provides heart rate monitor, 7 temperature sensors, guided sessions, sleep analysis and an auto adaptive detection of type of task being done at any giving time. On top of this the level of accuracy is unreal, providing 99.6% heart rate accuracy and 98% heart rate variability accuracy. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my finger on it (smile) some day, so I can provide a review for everyone.


    Sale: %10 off 1 map, 20% off 2 or more maps | Discount Code: n/a | Expires: Unknown

    This neat product is created by Kara and Nate and it just seems like such a cool idea to create your own custom map of each place you visited. To me it would bee nice to make a custom map of my cycling routes or destinations that I’ve done over the years.

  • Pikatea

    Sale: $9 off | Discount Code: n/a | Expires: Unknown

    Pikatea Macropad GB3 is a very cool and interesting product that I myself would love to try some day. You can also get keyboards, related parts, knobs and key caps. I realize this most likely is not a Black Friday sale, but I just couldn’t help myself to not mention it.

  • ArtStation

    Sale: Up to %70 off | Discount Code: n/a | Expires: Unknown

    Whether you are a creative artist or one that appreciated art, ArtStation is an amazing source covering such things as tutorials, game assets, artwork, books, comics, 3D models, courses and much, much more. Take a look at Alena Aenami’s amazing artwork that someday will be hanging on my wall (smile).

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