A variety of items for sale that are spread out on a table at a flea market.

Discover Surprising Benefits of Thrift Shopping

  • Adam Douglas

Recently my joy for thrifting was ignited by being able to go to various events selling used or second hand goods. Though this hasn’t been always the case for me. I recall as a child going to various thrift stores, garage/yard sales, flea markets and fundraisers over many years with various family members without much joy or excitement. I even had experience helping out family members set up their own garage sales. Yet it wasn’t until later in my years as I became an adult I soon realize the benefits.

What is Thrifting?

The act of shopping for second hand or used goods at various events or stores such as flea markets, garage/yard sales or charitable organizations.

The Benefits of Thrifting

Thrifting can have many benefits depending on the individual, here are a few benefits I find that commercial businesses cannot beat.

  1. The Hunt

    There is something about it that makes the act of hunting for an item or discovering an item (treasure) that you may not have even known it existed, joyful and exciting. Let’s be honest who doesn’t get excited when you discover an item before someone else?

  2. Exploration

    Provides the opportunity to travel around even where one lives seeing sights, sounds and people you may not have normally noticed let alone may have come in contact with. It provides an opportunity to talk and interact with people entirely different from yourself. Even if you do not talk, you can still discover and learn new perspectives that are entirely new to you.

  3. Socializing

    Just having simple conversations can lead to unknown opportunities. Providing a simple “hello”, “how has the sale being going today?” or saying thank you as you leave, can bring joy in people and allow your own self to grow. I’ve had a few good laughs in brief conversations and to me laughing is good for everyone.

  4. Environment

    Buying goods used, or second hand helps to reduce, reuse and recycle. Why waste something when an item can be used by someone else. Not everyone wants to have their own sale, but one can always donate to help others raise funds and help someone else that may not have been able to afford an item otherwise.

  5. Saving Money

    This one seems pretty obvious, but its true, saving money while thrifting can add up to a substantial sum if done within reason. I know myself I have been able to buy beautiful higher end brand clothing that I normally would have not had the opportunity to do so.

  6. Diversity

    Though you may not like every item found, you cannot find this much variety of goods since the selection is constantly changing and comes from people with a variety of lifestyles.

  7. Nostalgia

    Discovering an item from your past usually seems to spark joy as you go down memory lane. Talking about it just adds to the excitement and may even realize something about yourself or those around you forgot about.

Where to Thrift

Many businesses try to capitalize on used goods, but the fact is to me, it is not the same or as good as an experience by going to a garage sale or flea market in person. I do realize though that one can still find great bargains at a commercialized thrift store or even online. Here a few areas to find and fuel your thrifting desires.


  • Art and craft sales
  • Auctions
  • Charitable fundraisers
  • Community associations
  • Curbside Swap
  • Estate/Garage/Yard sales
  • Farmers market
  • Festivals
  • Flea markets
  • Social media


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