USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set, Ebuyfire KX3-E

Unboxing The Ebuyfire Bike Light KX3-E

  • Adam Douglas

Recently I was surprised to receive a gift of an Ebuyfire Bike Light KX3-E. So I figured why not do an unboxing and later once I’ve used it for awhile I’ll review it.

headlight set box

Upon opening the box I was quite surprised to see the headlight is in very rugged aluminum casing. The casing reminds me of those industrial project boxes, though I’m not positive the same quality would apply here. Holding the headlight in your hand feels great, which is good seeing as the headlight is also a flashlight and power bank. The headlight can easily be clipped onto your belt or harness. On the one end of the headlight I see 4 screws which to me appears to allow access for replacement of the rechargeable batteries. The charging cable looks to be about 1m / 3’. I’m impressed of how strong the headlight metal clip is, as it fits firmly against the casing with very little flex. Good sign to me as it shouldn’t slip out once attached properly. I should note that the headlight has two recessed USB ports, USB-A female and USB Micro-B female. The ports a cover by rubber like seal. At this stage I’m not sure if the USB ports are interchangeable for charging a device vs. charging the headlight itself. When charging the headlight a red light comes on underneath the power button and then turns green when charging has completed. When in use, the green light underneath the power button is lit. Headlight can be set to run in one of 3 or 5 modes depending on setting, high, medium, low, strobe or SOS. The mount for the headlight is made of a strong/hard plastic with a thumb screw to secure onto handlebars and can be adjusted horizontally up to 360°. The inner part of the headlight mount has a ridged rubber like mat.

headlight set contents

Now on to the red taillight or rear light, the mount is made of plastic that then attaches on a rubber like material with loop holes to secure tightly onto a bike. The taillight itself clips into the mount and locks in. Charging the taillight is done via the provided USB-A male to USB Micro-B male cable and the port on the taillight is a recessed USB Micro-B female. Upon charging the taillight a red light turns on and I believe turns green when charging has completed. Unfortunately the USB cable is quite short, maybe measuring in at about 1/2m / 1.6’. The USB Micro-B female port is covered as well by a rubber like seal. There are 4 running modes, full brightness, half brightness, slow flashing and fast flashing. As far as I can tell there is no easy access to replace the rechargeable battery. However with maybe further inspection the plastic casing could pop off some how allowing to replace the battery.

Now about the cost, this was gifted to me but I believe it was purchased for around $35 CAD. Seems to be quite a fair price for what you are getting. I tried looking into who and what Ebuyfire is all about, however I believe this is an Amazon and/or Alibaba brand. I think it is China based but I was not able to confirm this. If anyone knows how to find out more about this brand and the company behind it please let me know.

headlight set contents

I did find the specifications and marketing to be inconsistent and lacking information however this could be not intentional. For example it mentions 3000 lumens headlight which it maybe but nor where else does it say this or how about what kind of battery is used. It seems to be 2 18650 lithium ion batteries in the headlight but in the taillight not certain. I would assume it is a single 18650 lithium ion battery.

Saying all this though I’m quite excited to put this bike light and taillight to use as I go a long bike rides and many times I have found the need to have one. Now I just have to wait for the spring / summer to come since I’m not equipped for winter biking.

Package Contents

  • Bike headlight
  • Bike taillight
  • Headlight USB charging cable, USB-A male to USB Micro-B male
  • Taillight USB charging cable, USB-A male to USB Micro-B male
  • Headlight mounting bracket
  • Taillight mounting bracket
  • Non-slip mat for headlight mounting bracket
  • Non-slip mat for taillight mounting bracket
  • Pamphlet / operating instructions (English, French, Spanish and Italian)
  • Rechargeable batteries included (installed)


Model Number KX3-E
LED 3 x T6 LED
Lighting Distance 500m / 1640'
Color Temperature 7500K
Color Black
Light Color White
Charging Type USB
Working Voltage 3.7V
Battery 2 x 18650 5200mAh
Waterproof IPX5
Input & Output 5V/1A

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