MyWeigh KD-8000 Digital Scale Box

Unboxing The MyWeigh KD-8000 Kitchen/Craft Digital Scale

  • Adam Douglas

I’ve been doing a lot of searching to determine what weigh scale I should purchase so I can start going by the weight of ingredients when baking, making laundry detergent and soap. My main goals was to get something that was durable, quality construction, weight capacity of 7 kg (15.43 lbs) or more, tare feature, weight accuracy to 1 g and was preferable under $100 CAD. I ended up settling on the MyWeigh KD-8000 kitchen and craft digital scale from Amazon for $79.44 CAD without tax, shipping and handling.

I took out the contents within the box and noticed right away that the scale itself is quite light in weight even after installing the tray. The tray itself is stainless steel with a plastic backing with 4 pegs that are used to attach to the scale. I should note that the tray is just held in by pressure and does not clip in. On the front there is clear plastic protective cover over the LCD screen and keypad that lifts up and down. Below the LCD screen I see capacity of 8000 x 1g and to the right the keypad with 5 buttons, power, mode, percentage (baker’s), hold and tare. At the rear of the scale towards the bottom I see a DC 5V plug, LCD backlit on / off switch and sound on / off switch.

MyWeigh KD-8000 Package Contents MyWeigh KD-8000 back view / tray bottom

Flipping the scale over to see the bottom there is an access panel for 3 AA batteries, MyWeigh label with model, capacity, power sources, made in China, CE marking and WEEE marking (trash can with an X). Also there is a big precautions label that states “DO NOT Install the Scale” with the following bullet points.

  • Next to open windows or doors causing drafts or rapid temperature changes.
  • Near air conditioning or heating vents.
  • Near vibrating, rotating or reciprocating equipment.
  • Near magnetic fields or equipment that generates magnetic fields.
  • On an unstable work surface.
  • In a dusty environment.
  • In direct sunlight.
MyWeigh KD-8000 LCD / Keypad

Looking at the LCD / keypad soft plastic protective cover feels quite cheap and gives the impression of not much thought went into creating this feature. I tried placing one of these protective covers over the LCD / keypad and it doesn’t properly fit on and would quite easily fall off while using the keypad. The design of the protective cover honestly is horrible especially since there is no adhesive or clip to attach it, it just sits there waiting to fall off. There is value in having such a feature but with this approach of implementation it’s not even worth having it. Saying that though the clear protective cover that flips up and down over the LCD / keypad is quite durable and works well to keep the front of the unit protected when not needing to press the keypad buttons. This protective cover can be removed if desired but it does take a lot of force to remove it and putting it back on.

The power adapter is an Innov switching power supply model IVP0500-0300 and is in a right angle design when plugging into the power outlet. The input is 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 0.2A with an output of 5.0V 0.3A. On the one end you have the bulk of the adapter with the NEMA-1 male connector (2 prong) coming out of it that goes into a power outlet and at the other end has a barrel female power connector (not certain of proper name). There is markings for c UL US Listed E322496 3TMJ I.T.E power supply, class II construction, house symbol which I believe means for indoor use only and made in China.

Overall I feel this product will serve it’s purpose and does come with a lot of features that at the time of searching I was not able to find at this price point. Saying all this though I do feel that this product will not last very long, as I was hoping for something more durable and rugged but at this price point I don’t believe that is possible anymore.

Package Contents

  • 3 year warranty card
  • AC power adapter
  • Feedback card
  • How to Use the Baker’s Percentage Function on the KD-8000
  • MyWeigh KD-8000 User Manual
  • MyWeigh quality assurance sheet
  • MyWeigh scale collection brochure
  • Scale
  • Scale tray
  • LCD / Keypad soft plastic protective cover (3x)


Baker’s Percentage Yes
Calibration Yes
Count Yes
Energy Savings Programable Auto-off Time
Hold Yes
LCD / Keypad Removable protective hard cover
Memory Last unit used
Overload Protection Yes
Tare Yes
Tray Removable/washable stainless steel

Weighing Modes

Mode Capacity Resolution
Pounds: Ounces 17 lb: 9oz 0.05 oz
Pounds 17.620 lb 0.002 lb
Ounces 281.90 oz 0.05 oz
Grams 8000 g 1 g
Kilograms 8.000 kg 0.001 kg


Accuracy 1 g 0.05 oz
Capacity 8 kg (17 lb)
Display Blue, Adjustable Backlit LCD
Operating Temperature Optimum 10 - 40°C (50 - 104°F)
Power Source 3 AA batteries, AC adapter 5v 300mA (included)
Scale Size 250mm x 205mm x 100mm (9.8” x 8” x 3.8”)
Scale Type Home Use - Kitchen
Tray Size 165mm x 165mm (6.5” x 6.5”)
Weighing Modes 5 (kg, g, lb:oz, lb, oz)

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