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A logo made up of a yellow background, black foreground with a letter l, letter p and below with the name of LiberaPay.

A open-source and non-profit organization allowing recurrent crowdfunding. Allows for anonymous contributions and takes 0% of your donations.

A white coffee cup with a red heart on the front of it with a name below of Ko-fi against a cyan background.

A crowdfunding platform allowing one time/recurrent crowdfunding. Ko-Fi takes 0% of your donations.

Two shapes of the letter P offset from each other with one in navy blue and the other light blue with the name below of PayPal against a white background.

A payment platform allowing one time donations.



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Positive words put together to make up the shape of two hands illustrating engagement, support, team, etc.


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Please consider using one of the following affiliates when making a purchase to show your support.

An upward angle perspective of a server rack with a Cirrus Hosting logo and text that reads, Web Hosting, VPS Hosting.
Cirrus Hosting

A leading Canadian web hosting company providing affordable website hosting plans and service to customers worldwide since 1999.

Availability - Worldwide

A person looking down a street with a large sign in front that reads, The GIMP Series.
The GIMP Series

A collection of 60+ videos to learn how to use all of the major tools and features in GIMP.

Availability - Worldwide

A shield with two pencils on top creating an x shape with a ribbon flowing overtop that reads, Logo Design Academy.
The Logo Design Academy

An 18-part video course to learn the entire process of designing logos.

Availability - Worldwide

Two people sitting at desks each working on computers with logo behind them that reads, Inkscape Master Class.
The Inkscape Master Class

A comprehensive series of 50+ videos to learn how to use every tool and feature in Inkscape.

Availability - Worldwide

Six illustrations representing each course available in the complete bundle.
The Complete Bundle

Enrolling in the Logos By Nick Academy's Complete Bundle will grant you lifetime access to all listed courses and template bundles.

Availability - Worldwide