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GIMP Mascot Wilber holding paint brush in mouth with text that says 'batch script'

How I automated the task of processing a group images by applying sharpen, white balance and color enhance using GIMP.

Personalized wooden pen case with an engraved boat and text

Delve in on how I ended up looking into pen cartridge replacements, what pens I own and the help I'm seeking for resolution.

Woman depressed by Victoria_Art, Pixabay

The insights, strategies and techniques on taking action to handling, preventing and overcoming depression by Dr. Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D.

A variety of items for sale that are spread out on a table

Learn why the joy, sights, sounds, and socializing are just some of the benefits in the experience of thrifting that cannot be replaced by off the shelf products.

Crumpled graph paper

Explore my discoveries in searching for an inexpensive do-it-yourself printable template paper based Raspberry Pi enclosures.

Blue backlit computer keyboard

Learn everything there is to know about what a keyboard shortcut is, why one should use them, how to use them, and what are common keyboard shortcuts.

Sunset will trees and rocks as silhouettes with the Atom text and logo

Hear my thoughts and opinions on the retirement of Atom, a popular open-source text editor application created by GitHub and community.

Wild Geese chatting by a body of water

The journey of rants as I figured how to export YouTube subscriptions for backup or use with another Google Account or application.

Mastodon logo with the Mastodon mascot holding a mobile phone

Come on down the path of discovery to learn the tools I use to build the paper model of a Mastodon Mascot by Poudingue.

An old laptop with a chrome wrench on top of keyboard

Restoring life back into an old laptop to make it useful again without using a terminal, while experiencing Manjaro for the first time.