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VSCodium logo made up of a white circle with a blue tree of branches with no leaves in the center.

Learn how to improve your development productivity with code snippets using the source-code editor VSCodium or VSCode.

Digital painting of a cute squirrel cartoon character as a blacksmith with thick gloves, pliers, steam-punk glasses and hammer forging an acorn.

A summary and opinions of the events that lead to the break-down of the Gitea community trust and respect that ended with Codeberg forking Gitea.

Pulsar logo and name, with text that reads, a new text editor.

A project overview and my thoughts about the new community-led hyper-hackable text editor Pulsar, that is based upon the Atom text editor.

A conductor with hands raised above the head with one hand holding a baton

There are many advantages to using Composer, but one stands out from the rest. Learn about the benefits of setting the PHP platform version.

Sunset will trees and rocks as silhouettes with the Atom text and logo

Hear my thoughts and opinions on the retirement of Atom, a popular open-source text editor application created by GitHub and community.

Blurred CSS syntax colored in primarily blue and purple

An overview of what an API Client is and my discovery of open source application alternatives.

bundled newspapers by Pexels from Pixabay

My thoughts exploring the idea of automating the process of organizing files by the maximum storage medium capacity.

Jekyll logo

My reasoning for choosing Jekyll, a static site generator (SSG).