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A white colored GNOME word mark sits in the center against a dark purple background with the remaining background above and below in a light purple with text that reads, What's New GNOME 45.

Read all about each significant changes and additions to GNOME version 45, the free and open source Linux desktop environment.

WebP image format logo against blurred background of a collection of photos

An overview of what WebP image file format is and how to open/view WebP image files on a variety of operating systems.

The Workhorse by by John Karlo Mendoza

Follow these instructions on how to enable ALT + TAB keyboard shortcut to have window based switching without grouping by application in GNOME Shell.

Glitch defect by FreeCreativeStuff from Pixabay

Learn how to work around the GNOME Shell v40 overview screen blank out / stuck at overview screen issue.

Glitch art distortion

My findings to understand why GDM no longer starts automatically and what solutions can be applied to fix it.