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Multiple large stacks of letters leaning to the right side that representing comments.

Come with me on a journey of discovery and inquisition on finding a solution of how to add comments to blog posts when using Jekyll.

A background of binary ones, and zeros formed like a hallway. On top has a dark gray hand with yellow outlines with text that reads, WebFinger for Mastodon.

Using the power of WebFinger on your own domain to make your Mastodon profile discoverable, and to verify association.

Two well used brooms stand upside down against a barn wall.

Website cleanup continues of topics (categories), and tags with detailed explanation on how I tried to automate the clean-up process.

An example of markdown text with kramdown attribute lists.

Learn to easily apply HTML attributes by writing Markdown when using kramdown, and Jekyll or Bridgetown static site generators.

A vortex of posts that is formed by multi colored post-it notes.

Dive into my attempt at creating the related posts feature to each post page using Jekyll, Liquid template language and HTML.

Black and white photo of a bucket and a wooden bristle push broom.

How I tackled cleaning up over use of blog categories (topics) and tags resulting in quite a reduction of unnecessary pages.

Multi-colored admonitions or call-outs repeated horizontally

Uncover what an admonition or call-out is and how to implement them in a website using Jekyll, HTML, Liquid and SASS.

Web Code HTML by jamesmarkosborne, Pixabay

How a simple upgrade lead to optimizing the website download performance and gained a better end user experience.

open books pages, story

Full explanation and solutions on how to fix the Jekyll collection paginate v2 caching bug using unofficial fixes.

Jekyll logo

Why I decided against using a content management system and the reasons why I ended up choosing the static site generator (SSG), Jekyll.