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A red fedora hat sits in the middle with text below, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Goes Closed Source?

Get the answers to what has happened to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) soure code, is this even legal, how does this affect you and more.

Two blue outlined icons illustrating a mouse scroll direction of traditional vs natural with a message of Scroll Direction, Which do you choose?

Step by step instructions of how to reverse or flip the mouse or touchpad scroll direction on Linux and Microsoft Windows 10/11 to a natural scroll.

Element desktop error message with the Element application logo on top.

Investigating and applying a workaround for a bug where Element desktop crashes shortly after being launched with, Recvmsg error: Connection reset by peer.

Multi colored file archive binders on a metal shelf.

A detailed guide on how to change which application is used as the Linux desktop default file manager for directories or folders.

RustDesk blue, and white logo with blue text that reads, Rustdesk errors resolved.

Follow my thought process of how I resolved RustDesk not being able to generate an ID or make a connection to the free relay server.

The colorful DuckDuckGo logo, with text that reads, DuckDuckGo Command Line.

Gain insight into using DuckDuckGo from the command line from installation, configuration, browser integration, and search usage examples.

A illustration of Yoda from Star Wars with the words, May The FOSS be with you.

Explore the vast curated list of free open source software applications by category of use for the graphical user interface of a Linux desktop.

Markdown logo with text that reads, Markdown Viewers.

Investigate, play, and explore the benefits of using one of these Linux command line interface application Markdown viewers.

Background of futuristic technology of components connected together with white text that reads, POS.

Come follow me on this journey of building a free open source point of sale system to help a non-profit food co-op.

A black surface covered with black question marks. On top of this background two black rectangles contain the words colored in white, why does sudo fail?

Solve the puzzling question, why does sudo echo fail when trying to redirect the output to a file within a Linux or Unix shell?