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A free Telly TV hanging from the wall just above a cabinet that displays one screen a sunset with elephants and on the other, weather, sport scores, stocks and an advertisement.

Discover the new free 4K dual-screen television coming to the market summer 2023 and what it actually costs you as a consumer.

A multi colored stained-glass in the shape of a spiral that focuses towards the center that is highlighted with lighting.

Uncover my thoughts of participating in 100 Days To Offload challenge by Kev Quirk and the results I had for round two.

Calm water with a lily pad, and Lotus flower.

At times I feel our bodies seem to know us better than ourselves. A discussion of self-care by choosing to slow down to refuel.

Chalk board background with stress written all over it, and a man partially bent with hands on head, and the word stress as a face.

Should major events we all celebrate such as Christmas be a time of stress, and anxiety when they all could be a positive joyful experience?

A lit incandescent light bulb that has a crack in the glass with smoking coming out of it.

A consumer's perspective on quality products and how market saturation, capitalism, communication and education has contributed to the problem.

Digital painting of a cute squirrel cartoon character as a blacksmith with thick gloves, pliers, steam-punk glasses and hammer forging an acorn.

A summary and opinions of the events that lead to the break-down of the Gitea community trust and respect that ended with Codeberg forking Gitea.

Pulsar logo and name, with text that reads, a new text editor.

A project overview and my thoughts about the new community-led hyper-hackable text editor Pulsar, that is based upon the Atom text editor.

Multi colored reflection in space with data boxes being pulled towards a void

Observe my reflections and resolve of participating in the 100 Days to Offload challenge in using a Bash script to track my progress.

Mastodon mascot pointing to the a group of question mark symbols.

Gain insight into some of the confusing features on the wonderful Mastodon software that so many of us have grown to love.

Wall calendar listing dates vertically with Saturday and Sunday highlighted

The struggle of setting a date and time for a meeting can be challenging, though there must be a way with the use of open source software.