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VSCodium logo made up of a white circle with a blue tree of branches with no leaves in the center.

Learn how to improve your development productivity with code snippets using the source-code editor VSCodium or VSCode.

A Christmas pattern background with white ASCII text that says Christmas Countdown

Find the festive joy in this countdown script for Christmas using Bash along with three simple commands, date, clear and sleep.

A conductor with hands raised above the head with one hand holding a baton

There are many advantages to using Composer, but one stands out from the rest. Learn about the benefits of setting the PHP platform version.

Symfony logo with text beside it that says, Symfony. On the next line a send email icon with text that reads, Mailer.

Learn how to send email messages using the Symfony mailer component without the use of the Symfony framework.

bundled newspapers by Pexels from Pixabay

My thoughts exploring the idea of automating the process of organizing files by the maximum storage medium capacity.

The Tardis from Doctor Who TV series by ThomasB72

Code example of how one could create a simple JavaScript clock with date using HTML, pure JavaScript or using jQuery.