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The colorful DuckDuckGo logo, with text that reads, DuckDuckGo Command Line.

Gain insight into using DuckDuckGo from the command line from installation, configuration, browser integration, and search usage examples.

Screenshot of fzf with the preview on of a list of Linux packages being filtered by the keyword electron.

Make life easier to maintain a clean Arch Linux system by listing reverse package dependencies using pacman, pactree, and fzf.

A illustration of Yoda from Star Wars with the words, May The FOSS be with you.

Explore the vast curated list of free open source software applications by category of use for the graphical user interface of a Linux desktop.

An cartoon style of a Mastodon, and mascot alternative for the Mastodon software.

Handmade list of resources for the federated social network Mastodon covering, how to use, find an instance, find people, tools and more.

Markdown logo with text that reads, Markdown Viewers.

Investigate, play, and explore the benefits of using one of these Linux command line interface application Markdown viewers.

Mastodon mascot grabbing for a cup of Gitea with text below reading, link verification.

Uncover the wonders of Mastodon link verification by using these steps to have a Mastodon verified link for your Gitea profile web page.

Background of futuristic technology of components connected together with white text that reads, POS.

Come follow me on this journey of building a free open source point of sale system to help a non-profit food co-op.

Inkscape logo shape cropped out of a blue colored mountain landscape with the words in the sky that say, Inkscape crop image.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use Inkscape to crop an image whether you are; beginner or advanced user.

A black surface covered with black question marks. On top of this background two black rectangles contain the words colored in white, why does sudo fail?

Solve the puzzling question, why does sudo echo fail when trying to redirect the output to a file within a Linux or Unix shell?

Black background with yellow cursive text that says 'Install Date' with a gray calendar of August 2016

How to determine the exact installation or creation date and time of various Linux operating systems.