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Mastodon mascot grabbing for a cup of Gitea with text below reading, link verification.

Uncover the wonders of Mastodon link verification by using these steps to have a Mastodon verified link for your Gitea profile web page.

Background of futuristic technology of components connected together with white text that reads, POS.

Come follow me on this journey of building a free open source point of sale system to help a non-profit food co-op.

Inkscape logo shape cropped out of a blue colored mountain landscape with the words in the sky that say, Inkscape crop image.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use Inkscape to crop an image whether you are; beginner or advanced user.

A black surface covered with black question marks. On top of this background two black rectangles contain the words colored in white, why does sudo fail?

Solve the puzzling question, why does sudo echo fail when trying to redirect the output to a file within a Linux or Unix shell?

Black background with yellow cursive text that says 'Install Date' with a gray calendar of August 2016

How to determine the exact installation or creation date and time of various Linux operating systems.

Black background with yellow cursive text that says 'Command History' with a gray bar graph below

Determine the most used commands in the terminal using Bash, Fish, PowerShell and Zsh with these simple one line commands.

Three computer hard disk drives side by side with the top cover removed with a multi colored circuit pattern background

Learn the steps on how to add a new disk drive to a Linux system from finding the device, creating a partition, formatting and mounting.

Logitech unify receiver USB dongle and K400r wireless touch keyboard

How to pair a device to a Logitech Unifying receiver using Linux in the command line or using a graphical application.

Arch linux terminal displaying an error message from pikaur with a Arch Linux ascii logo aligned right.

During a system upgrade I discovered pikaur is no longer working due to it failing with a TypeError message. Here's how I resolved it.

Mastodon mascot pointing to the Mastodon logo and text.

Detailed documentation explaining how to setup a Mastodon social network profile with screenshot examples.