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Element desktop error message with the Element application logo on top.

Investigating and applying a workaround for a bug where Element desktop crashes shortly after being launched with, Recvmsg error: Connection reset by peer.

An icon of a file folder with files coming out of it with text beside that reads, filename length.

Find each filename's total length of characters within a directory in the terminal using Bash, BusyBox, Fish or PowerShell with these one line commands.

Beaten up blue wooden door with an old rusty lock.

Get the latest news and understanding about Twitter dropping free support for text message two-factor authentication.

RealSimGear G1000 Suite, two displays and an audio panel installed into a black metal frame that mimics a cockpit for use with X-Plane.

A simple routine Linux system update goes bad, but then ends up finding a solution with help from RealSimGear tech support.

Multi colored file archive binders on a metal shelf.

A detailed guide on how to change which application is used as the Linux desktop default file manager for directories or folders.

Pi-hole logo with a black background, and a command line prompt.

Learn to manage the Pi-hole's adlists from the command line using SQL to add, modify, and delete SQLite database records.

A vast space of interconnected lines that represents the Internet.

Explore the potential of getting your public IP address using a service that is simple, fast, reliable, and without advertisements, and distractions.

The colorful DuckDuckGo logo, with text that reads, DuckDuckGo !Bangs.

Learn the power of searching on DuckDuckGo by using !Bangs. Begin by uncovering what is a DuckDuckGo Bang, and how to use them.

RustDesk blue, and white logo with blue text that reads, Rustdesk errors resolved.

Follow my thought process of how I resolved RustDesk not being able to generate an ID or make a connection to the free relay server.

The colorful DuckDuckGo logo, with text that reads, DuckDuckGo Command Line.

Gain insight into using DuckDuckGo from the command line from installation, configuration, browser integration, and search usage examples.